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Biden to issue executive orders promoting racial equity

A senior Biden administration official said the upcoming action was aimed at “restoring the integrity” of the rule.

“We need to recognize the role the federal government has played for much of the 20th century in implementing discriminatory housing policies across the United States,” the official said.

Biden also plans to sign an executive order reaffirming the federal government’s commitment to the sovereignty of tribal governments over their territory, and a memorandum relating to rising anti-Asian sentiment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Trump administration has been accused of racism and xenophobia, especially the former president’s penchant for calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” in an attempt to blame the pandemic on the ruling Chinese government.

The senior Biden official said the latest actions were an extension of other steps the president has taken in the week since taking office to fight racial equity, including for black and Latin communities who have been among those hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic, as well as the economic ramifications of the restrictions put in place to fight the virus.

Biden previously decided to extend the moratoriums on federal evictions and foreclosures until at least the end of March, as well as to continue the freeze on monthly student loan payments by the Department of Education until the end of March. ‘autumn. Both initiatives were launched under Trump in the early stages of the pandemic.

Biden also dissolved Trump’s 1776 Commission, which was created last year to promote “patriotic education” and to serve as an ideological counterbalance to The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, although a report released by the Commission 1776 this month was the subject of much criticism for its level of scientific rigor and for seeming to draw strongly from one of the earlier works of its author.

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