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Biden: Extreme weather will cost US well over $ 100 billion this year |  US News

Extreme weather conditions will cost the United States well over $ 100 billion (£ 72 billion) this year, according to President Biden.

Mr Biden said nearly one in three American communities had been affected by weather disasters in recent months.

Speaking at the Colorado National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Mr Biden said: “We know which is the conductor – climate change.

“We know what causes climate change – human activity.

“This is no longer subject to debate.”

His words came as Tropical Storm Nicholas flooded Texas and Louisiana with torrential rains, flooding the streets and leaving thousands of properties without power.

Two weeks earlier, Hurricane Ida had killed more than 80 people in at least eight US states.

Earlier this week, Mr. Biden visited the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, which is operating at its highest level of deployment in two months.

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Californian forest fire from the sky

Idaho and a handful of other western states reported their hottest summers on record.

Mr Biden also visited California, which has seen more than 7,400 wildfires this year, burning more than 3,500 square miles.

The second largest fire on record in the state – the Dixie Fire – burned 1,500 square miles in the northern Sierra and southern Cascade region.

Mr Biden said: “We cannot ignore the reality that these wildfires are being supercharged by climate change.

“It’s not about red or blue states. It’s about fires. Just fires.”

“Here’s the good news: Something that is caused by humans can be fixed by humans.”

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The human cost of Storm Ida

The United States set a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 while using only carbon-free energy 15 years ago.

Mr Biden insisted it could be done in a way that “creates good jobs, cuts costs for consumers and businesses and makes us world leaders.”

The US president is pushing his infrastructure bill by $ 1.2 billion, saying every dollar spent on resilience would save $ 6 on future costs.

Climate measures in the bill include tax incentives for electric vehicles, a civilian climate body and money to help the economy shift to renewables such as wind and solar.

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