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Biden backs All-Star Game’s move to Georgia voting law, explodes to full capacity in Rangers opener

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden on Wednesday slammed the Texas Rangers’ decision to allow a full capacity crowd into their stadium for their first game amid concerns of his senior health officials over recent spikes in Covid-19 cases .

He also said he would strongly support the move of the All-Star Game from Major League Baseball to Georgia to protest his new restrictive voting law.

Rangers have made the move, which will allow more than 40,000 fans to attend games at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott lifted coronavirus restrictions last month. Fans will be required to wear masks inside the stadium, except when actively eating and drinking.

“It’s a decision they made. I think that’s a mistake, “Biden told ESPN’s Sage Steele on the eve of opening day.” They should listen to Dr. Fauci, the scientists and the experts. But I think it’s not responsible.

However, other MLB teams will see their stadium capacity limited. The New York Yankees and Mets, for example, will be allowed to operate at less than 20% capacity in their stadiums. Fans will either need to provide a negative Covid-19 test or proof of immunization against the disease.

Asked about calls to move the All-Star Game, slated for July 13, to Atlanta over Georgia’s new law, Biden said, “I would strongly support them for that.”

“The people who have been the victims the most are the people who are the leaders in these different sports, and that is just not correct,” Biden said. “It’s Jim Crow on steroids, which they do in Georgia and 40 other states.”

“Imagine passing the law saying that you cannot provide water or food to someone who is in line to vote. You can not do this? Come on, ”Biden added, referring to one of the provisions of the law, which GOP Governor Brian Kemp signed last week.

Responding to Biden’s remarks, Kemp suggested on Fox News that Georgia has more options to vote, including for people of color, than other states.

“We had the highest African-American turnout in the November 2018 election when I was elected. You know, Joe Biden has to focus on things he can control, like the southern border, and that is all that. It’s a distraction, “Kemp told me.

The governor accused Democrats of using the state’s actions to pressure members of Congress to pass the General Election Review Bill proposed by the US House.

“It’s all part of a political narrative that they’re pushing and we’re going to continue to fight that,” Kemp said.

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