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Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet virtually

President Joe Biden held his first bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, the two leaders meeting virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the virtual meeting. Biden and Trudeau made a statement expressing the commitment between the two nations. Mr. Biden and Trudeau unveiled a “United States-Canada Partnership Roadmap” detailing this commitment on issues such as tackling COVID-19, tackling the climate crisis, strengthening continental defense and strengthening global alliances.

During their meeting, Biden told Trudeau that the United States “has no closer friend than Canada.” Trudeau told Biden that “American leadership has been sorely missed over the past year”.

The two world leaders made televised statements about their partnership, but did not hold a traditional joint press conference, as is tradition during bilateral visits and meetings.

“It is the common spirit of our people that will ensure that ours is a future of hope and opportunity,” Biden said.

Trudeau made his statement in English and French, beginning by affirming Canada’s commitment to Texans in need.

The Canadian Prime Minister expressed Canada’s commitment to fight COVID-19 and other crises.

“Canada and the United States are each other’s allies, most important trading partners and oldest friends,” said Mr. Trudeau.

To strengthen alliances, the plan calls for a relaunch of the North American Leaders’ Summit as a “re-engagement of solidarity” between the United States, Canada and Mexico, according to the White House.

The roadmap aims to “advance our shared vision of prosperity, diversity, equity and justice for all of our citizens,” the White House said.

Mr. Biden has vowed to rebuild American alliances after four years of former President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy. The president participated in a virtual meeting of the G7 on Friday and pledged up to $ 4 billion to COVAX, an initiative backed by the World Health Organization that aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines around the world.


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