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Biden administration sends more money to hard-hit areas as Delta variant rises

“This virus has no incentive to let go, and it remains to find the next vulnerable person to infect,” Walensky said.

Officials consider local awareness to be essential to increase immunizations. The $ 100 million funding influx announced Thursday will give nearly 2,000 rural health clinics more resources to reach unvaccinated communities, said Biden administration’s Covid-19 czar Jeff Zients. Funding was originally allocated in the US bailout and will amount to nearly $ 50,000 for each clinic.

Zients said the administration is now also providing CDC assistance in Missouri, Illinois and Colorado, while FEMA will set up mobile vaccination clinics in North Carolina.

But response teams have been slow to establish themselves in some Red states where skepticism about the federal response to the pandemic is high. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said he opposed any federal official coming to his state to help with the vaccination campaign, while South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster warned agencies state against any collaboration with anyone in the White House who promotes immunization.

Despite the new emergency, Biden administration officials reiterated assurances on Thursday that those vaccinated did not yet need boosters.

Walensky meanwhile pointed out that while federal mask guidelines have not changed, it makes sense for localities to change their approach depending on the number of cases.

“We have always said that local communities have to look at what is happening locally, because we currently have a very heterogeneous country,” she said. “If you are vaccinated you get exceptional levels of protection from this vaccine, and you can choose to add extra protection by putting on your mask and it’s a very individual choice that is in line with our CDC guidelines,” he said. she added.

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