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Biden administration prepares to tax aluminum imports from 18 countries

An investigation into dumping practices in the international aluminum trade initiated under Trump bounces back under Biden through the introduction of import taxes. In Europe, they threaten Germany, Greece and Spain in particular.

The US Department of Commerce announced on March 2 that it was preparing to impose taxes on aluminum plate exporters from 18 countries, considering that they had received subsidies and resorted to the dumping. The International Trade Commission (ITC), an independent US body, will still have to approve the decision before April 15.

It follows an investigation opened under the presidency of Donald Trump at the request of a dozen American aluminum alloy producers who consider that these imports are prejudicial to them. Joe Biden’s administration estimates that imports from Germany in particular ($ 287 million in 2019) were done with rates of dumping ranging from 40 to 242%.

The same goes for those from Bahrain, which would have benefited from selling prices lower than local production costs, and from India, which would have been subsidized to the tune of 35 to 89%, according to the survey.

In October, the Trump administration announced that it had already started introducing preliminary tariffs in connection with the investigation. Also concerned are Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Oman, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey .

Ordinary alloy aluminum foil is a flat rolled product with multiple uses: building facades, truck bodies, traffic signs, etc. Asked by Reuters about the possible consequences of these new taxes, Uday Patel, senior analyst at Wood Mackenzie, an international energy consulting firm, who observed a resumption of investment in the US national production of aluminum sheets: “The key question is whether the domestic increase in the production of common alloys is sufficient to offset the potential decline in imports. “

The duties will be in addition to the 10% U.S. tariffs imposed on most aluminum imports by the Trump administration under a national security law. The price of aluminum in the United States was last week at $ 364 per tonne, a peak since November 2019.

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