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Biden addresses Netanyahu, asserting Israel’s ‘right to self-defense’

President Biden said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “for some time” on Wednesday amid intensifying fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, and affirmed his “unwavering support” for “the law. Israel to defend itself ”.

“I hope we see this come to an end as soon as possible,” Biden said in response to questions from reporters.

According to a reading of the White House appeal, Mr. Biden “condemned” the rocket attacks against Israel and added that the US position is that Jerusalem is “a place of peace.”

Mr Biden also said national security and defense officials in his administration were and would remain “in constant contact” with their counterparts in the Middle East. The White House added that, during the phone call, Mr. Biden briefed Mr. Netanyahu on the United States’ diplomatic engagement with Palestinian officials and other nations in the Middle East.

The call between the two leaders came on the same day Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke by phone with Netanyahu. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III on Wednesday offered “unwavering support” for Israel’s self-defense in a telephone conversation with Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister.

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