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Best Stock Portfolio Trackers – Benzinga

Technology has always been at the forefront of financial markets, and finding the best portfolio tracker is simple. Hedge funds were using algorithms and automation long before Amazon and Google. Computers entirely manage our money today at companies like TD Ameritrade and Personal capital.

But technology isn’t just for the “set it and forget it” crowd. Investors who want to accurately (and instantly) track the market can benefit from portfolio tracking platforms. Use our list to find a portfolio tracker today.

Quick View – Best Stock Portfolio Trackers

All of Benzinga’s best trackers have some kind of free service, but many offer premium subscriptions for additional benefits.

1. Shared vision

Sharesight has truly revolutionized the online portfolio tracking space. It’s a frequent winner, including placement in Benzinga’s Best Financial Advisor or Wealth Management Platform.

With Sharesight, you can automatically track the actual performance of all your stocks listed on over 30 global exchanges. You will also be able to track multiple asset classes such as forex (including major cryptocurrencies), private equity, alternatives, bonds, real estate, and other custom investments all in one place at using their custom groups feature.

Sharesight makes it easy to compare your portfolio and see how you’re doing compared to others. Plus, it keeps track of all your dividends, making tax time a whole lot easier.

Price: $12 per monthpremium plans available for savvy investors

  • Best for

    International investors

2.Vigio is one of the most unique platforms you can use to create your own stock screeners and invest wisely. The most interesting part of the platform is that it gamifies everything for you, which makes the investment a little more interesting. You can view stocks, crypto, ETFs, options, and daily movements.

As you build your account, you can use real-time data, security comparisons, live charts, watchlists, and powerful new indicators. Customize the information you want in a filter so you never have trouble reviewing critical investment data when buying, selling or trading. Because you can see your entire portfolio in one place, it’s easier to make smart investments.

Price: Free try; Pro, $49.99 per month


Kubera claims to be the most modern wallet tracker in the world. The platform tracks all of your assets – both traditional and crypto – in one place.

An overview of your net worth is at your fingertips once you’ve entered all of your investments and assets. Connect your online brokerage accounts or add individual stocks to track their value in real time. Get the latest balances from your crypto wallets and exchange accounts or simply add the coins to track the value of your crypto wallet in your native currency.

Kubera lets you connect to over 20,000 banks worldwide to link your accounts, and you can also add the value of your home, as well as any vehicles or web domains you own. Easily add assets by simply adding a new row like a spreadsheet.

4. Personal capital

We like to think of Personal Capital as Mint with a boost for investing. Personal capital not only monitors your wallets, but also your bills, bank accounts and credit card statements.

This global overview makes it easier to manage and finance your investments since you will know where every dollar you earn is going.

You’ll get everything Mint offers, plus an extra focus on investing. And it’s free to use on iOS, Android, and desktop.

  • Best for

    High net worth individuals

5. Interactive Brokers

PortfolioAnalyst is Interactive Brokers’ online performance analysis and reporting tool. Use PortfolioAnalyst to assess your portfolio’s performance by creating and saving reports based on a set of metrics and optionally comparing your data to selected industry benchmarks.

You can also view the performance of your accounts held at any financial institution, including Interactive Brokers (if you have an IBKR account) and investment and non-investment accounts. Next, explore accounts, asset classes, positions, and trades.

  • Best for

    Knowledgeable Investors

    To startsecurely through the IBKR International website

6. Tracking Delta Investments

Delta is an iOS and Android app with a minimalist look and an attractive “dark mode” that’s useful for low-level lighting as well as users with visual limitations.

Delta Investment Tracker gives you live access to price movements for all popular stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, bonds, futures and options. Follow your favorites and get notified when a big change has happened to an asset you follow. No delays, always in the know.
Delta also offers a clear overview of your total portfolio balance, profit and loss over different time periods.

You can see your investments and trends in one place, whether you have one portfolio or more. Plus, with its dynamic capabilities, it doesn’t matter if you’re fully invested in stocks, crypto or ETFs, Delta adapts to you.

Delta’s asset information views push the boundaries of what other investment trackers offer. Your current position, market value, percentage change, (un)realized earnings are all available to you. All your portfolio holdings, integrated into a beautiful view of main market details.

  • Best for

    Beginner and experienced investors

7. Zigma

Zigma is the first investment platform specifically designed to help investors track and better manage their portfolios.

With Ziggma, you can automatically track the actual performance of all your investment portfolios in one place and in real time. Simply link your bank account(s) and try it for free.

Zigma brings true innovation to portfolio monitoring by allowing you to monitor portfolio return, risk, quality, and even ESG scores over time.

Tired of monitoring the diversification of your portfolio? Zigma does it for you. All you have to do is set your maximum exposure limit and Ziggma will send you an alert once the limit is exceeded.

Price: Portfolio tracking and many features are free.
Premium: $9.90 per month.

Get 50% off for 3 months with discount code BENZINGA50

  • Best for

    Portfolio optimization

What is portfolio tracking?

A portfolio tracker is a program or service that allows you to track the movements of your individual holdings. You can see how your current allocation compares to your long-term goals and get an idea of ​​how your portfolio is doing compared to the rest of the market.

You can add portfolios from your investment accounts or create manual portfolios to test particular strategies. Remember that checking your investments too frequently can lead to excessive trading, but if you want to keep your asset allocation on track, a portfolio tracker is a simple and effective way to monitor it. Most brokers have some sort of tracking and research tool, but you can only use accounts affiliated with that broker.

If you have a 401(k) with TD Ameritrade and an IRA with Avant-garde, you’ll have access to great research, but you won’t be able to combine accounts and form an overall snapshot. With a portfolio tracker, you can better analyze your total allocation and formulate a sharper strategy.

Qualities of good portfolio monitoring

Excellent portfolio trackers have a wide range of investment symbols to draw from and provide excellent research tools. Here are the criteria we used to determine our favorites:

  • Cost. All of the wallet trackers on this list have a free option to get started. Some have add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the experience, but a free method for new users is a must.
  • A large number of traceable assets. What good is a portfolio tracker if you can’t track the funds you own? A good tracker will allow you to track all types of investments, from stocks and bonds to ETFs. There are even crypto wallet trackers.
  • Speed. You obviously want a tracker that loads quickly on your phone or laptop, but speed is also required for price updates. A tracker must publish stock quotes in real time (or almost). You cannot trade if you get prices that are more than 15 minutes old.
  • User-friendly interface. A wallet tracker should be easy to use and simple enough for your parents (or grandparents) to use.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should you check your portfolio?


You should check your portfolio for short and medium term investments once a month and every three months for long term positions.


What are the best portfolio trackers?


There are several excellent portfolio trackers out there, including Sharesight, Personal Capital, and M1 Finance, to name a few.



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