Best sports to watch and bet on

Sports betting is becoming more popular throughout the globe, with the internet easing the process than ever to place a wager on the major event of the day, either before or during the game.

However, with so many online sportsbooks offering so many different sports and markets to bet on, it may be difficult for sports enthusiasts to determine where to invest their money.

The following are the top five sports to bet on right now.


Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on in most countries around the world.

Football betting companies provide various games to bet on, including leagues, cups, and tournaments worldwide. It is possible to wager on matches in top European leagues, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Match winner and accurate score markets are among the most basic options. However, sites also include handicap markets and the opportunity to wager on everything from the number of corners in a game to whether or not a player will be issued a yellow card by the referee.

Because football is such a popular sport to bet on, online bookmakers usually provide a variety of betting bonuses for the sport. Those who like taking advantage of promotions at online betting sites should ensure that football is among the top sports to bet on.

American Football

Betting on American Football, particularly the NFL, is almost as popular as watching the game itself. Every Sunday, millions of fans from all over the planet place at least a minimum wager on a game or a couple of games. 

For non-Americans, it might be a little confusing, but with the help of the Sports Geek, you can easily turn betting on the NFL into a lucrative venture. What is referred to as football in Europe is soccer in the US, so American Football is a totally different game.


Tennis is perhaps one of the ideal sports to bet on if you like betting in-play.

Breaks in play between each set, game, and even point allow bettors to identify a winning wager, and sports betting sites often include a variety of facts and statistics as well.

Tennis events are also increasingly being streamed live at an increasing number of online betting companies. This implies that consumers who put live in-play bets may tune in to find out whether their bets are successful.

Because momentum may swing fast in a tennis match, it presents opportunities for fans who like betting. Not only can consumers bet on important games at elite events like the US Open and Wimbledon, but they may also wager on matches in challenger series. 

Not only can consumers bet on important games at elite events like the US Open and Wimbledon, but they may also wager on matches in challenger series. 


Cricket is another sport that lends itself nicely to in-play betting due to periodic in play breaks.

Fans of the game can choose whatever format they wish to bet on, with the Hundred that was launched in England in 2021 providing an even shorter version of the popular T20.

Cricket is now played all over the globe, so there is always a match of two to wager on.

There are local T20 tournaments in many different countries nowadays, but the Indian Premier League, or IPL is the most popular.

Test cricket moves slower than T20 cricket, but this provides an opportunity for bettors who want to think about their wagers thoroughly. Cricket differs from most other major sports in that weather conditions may significantly influence which side is likely to win.

The future of Test cricket is uncertain, but cricket betting will stay popular.

Horse Racing

Horse racing comes in last in our list of the top five sports to bet on. Due to the speed of racing, unlike most other sports, live in-play betting is not realistically possible.

Horse racing is especially popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which are home to several of the world’s best racetracks. However, there are several racetracks in the United States, and France and South Africa are also popular horse racing destinations.

While the Grand National remains one of the world’s largest betting events, it is largely associated with casual horse racing lovers who can only bet once a year.

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