Best Sports Ads in 2022

There’s no shortage of sports-based entertainment available today. In fact, there are thousands of ways for fans to engage with their favorite teams and sports stars. These options run the gamut from sports simulation games like FIFA and Football Manager to live events that let diehard fans come face-to-face with their favorite sporting heroes.

Then come peripheral fads, like sports betting and fantasy leagues. With sports betting now launched in dozens of US states, locals can use sites like OddsChecker to find the latest free bet deals. Meanwhile, fantasy basketball and football leagues remain a national pastime for events like March Madness—and one that regularly interferes with work schedules.

But sports are so popular that there are constantly new mashups being designed to engage audiences and fans. When it comes to the pop culture crossover, we’ve seen just about every type of ad and sponsorship imaginable. Still, that doesn’t make them any less exciting. Keep reading for a few of this year’s top sports-related ads.

McDonald’s, Toronto Raptors, & the Power of Three

It’s hard to beat McDonald’s and the NBA. Each year, the fast food chain rolls out exciting new partnerships with local sports teams and, this year, the Toronto Raptors saw the Power of 3 Initiative hit it big in the city. Every single time a Raptors player sinks a three-pointer, McDonald’s donates to MLSE, the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment group. MLSE, in addition to owning the Raptors, also donates money to help develop sporting infrastructure around Ontario.


Dr. Pepper, Bryce Young, & Fansville

College football tends to breed fanaticism. That’s because not only are spectators cheering on their favorite team, but also their alma mater. This year, Dr. Pepper launched its fifth year of ‘Fansville’, which is a commercial for the brand. The advertisement adds a dash of realism, closely mimicking shows like Friday Night Lights. This year, the soda brand signed star QB Bryce Young for their latest campaign.


Ronaldo & the Theragun

Cristiano Ronaldo has a longstanding partnership with Therabody. Therabody is a company that supports physical health with specialized gadgets and a lifestyle approach to wellness. Their branding is boosted by their partnership with Ronaldo, who is also known for supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. This year, Therabody took things in a new direction with their Theragun. Don’t worry—it sounds more intense than it is. The Theragun is a handheld massage device that lets users increase blood flow, reduce tension, and even help rehabilitate the body. So, what makes this product stand out? Watching CR7 use the gun in slow-mo, while smiling gently before an Alpine backdrop.


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