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Best NFL DFS Stacks Week 3: Line-up Pick for DraftKings, FanDuel Tournaments, Cash Games

Stacking has proven to be a viable strategy for NFL DFS players during week 2. In week 3 it again looks like a great week to stack. Whether you are playing cash games or playing tournaments, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of what has been a quick start for many offenses across the NFL.

DraftKings and FanDuel both have solid stacking options this week. It’s a little easier to create three-player stacks on DraftKings, as they are more variable in price than FanDuel, but both sites offer solid options for fantasy owners looking for opportunities to earn double points or to enjoy positive play scripts.

More often than not, you’ll want to stack a quarterback with a wide receiver or a tight end. You can also use two pass catching weapons with a quarterback. Running backs and defenses also make great stacks, and there is an opportunity on this slate to trust a rising stack.

Below are some of the best stacks for DraftKings and FanDuel rosters this week. Week 3 contains plenty of triple stacking opportunities, and there are some unique ways to use RBs as well. Make sure to follow our Twitter account @SN_Fantasy to see all of our DFS content kick off each week.

quarterback | Back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Pick of the Week 3 NFL DFS: Best Cash Game Stacks for DraftKings, FanDuel

QB Teddy Bridgewater, WR Courtland Sutton, TE Noah Fant, Broncos vs. Jets (DK / FD Stack)

So far, in two games with the Broncos, Bridgewater has averaged 296 passing yards and two touchdowns per game. He’s yet to return the ball and is averaging 10 rushing yards per game.

These aren’t huge numbers, but they are rock solid. Bridgewater isn’t that expensive either, so it makes sense as a top-tier quarterback who can save fantasy owners some cash to spend on running. The Broncos get their third straight easy game in Week 3 against the Jets, so Bridgewater should have another game with at least 250 yards and a few touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Fant combined for 18 targets of Bridgewater’s 34 passing attempts in Week 2 with Jerry Jeudy (ankle). Sutton has great yardage potential and had nine catches for 159 yards against the Jaguars. Fant will get red zone care after registering four red zone targets in his first two games, tied for eighth in the NFL.

The Broncos are a safe and solid offense to trust. Many will have the same idea of ​​trusting them even against a Jets defense that has been above average against the pass but has only faced Sam Darnold and Mac Jones to date.

quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | tight end | D / ST | Kicker

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals at Jaguars (DK / FD stack)

It almost seems unfair that Murray faces the Jaguars. Jacksonville has looked helpless on defense for two games this season while Murray has nine TDs in the same span. The Cardinals just got lucky to beat the Vikings, so they should be ready to beat the Jaguars.

Murray will be a legitimate 30-point player in this game. The only concern is whether the Jaguars will make this competitive enough that he has to throw it. Considering the success Kirk Cousins ​​has just had against this defense, Trevor Lawrence should do enough to make this happen.

We’re spending on Murray, so might as well spend on Hopkins. He only saw four targets against the Vikings, who worked hard to take it off, but he caught all four for 54 yards and a touchdown. You would want more than that from the second most expensive player on the slate, but the money queues are more dependent on each player’s floor. Hopkins has a high one and could boast 30 fantasy points as well. And at the bare minimum, he should have double-digit numbers again as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.

RB Derrick Henry and DEF Titans vs. Colts (DK stack)

Normally, recommending the defense of the Titans would be worth considering for tournament rosters. However, Tennessee will be a chalky game in Week 3 after Carson Wentz’s last injury.

Wentz suffered several ankle injuries against the Rams and was forced out of the game. He couldn’t come back despite the Colts ‘three-point deficit, so Jacob Eason took over the Colts’ offense. He threw five passes. Two were completed and one was intercepted.

Wentz is questionable this week, but it looks like he will be out of action. Even if he plays, he probably won’t be 100 percent. That said, the Titans’ defense will have the chance to play against Wentz or shake up Eason. It seems doable, so at a price of $ 2,400 a barrel, they’re worth a roll of the dice.

Associating the defense of the Titans with Henry is obvious. If the Titans get on the Colts, they’ll definitely run a lot. Henry just racked up 237 yards of scrimmage and three touchdowns against the Seahawks. The Colts stopping unit is better than Seattle’s, but Henry is expected to rack up over 100 rushing yards and should perform as a full-scale TD threat again.

Week 3 DraftKings, FanDuel Picks: Best Stacks for Daily Fantasy Football GPP / Tournaments

QB Daniel Jones, WR Sterling Shepard, WR Kenny Golladay, Giants vs Falcons (DK / FD stack)

This stack is perfect for tournaments. There’s nothing sexy about it – I mean who really wants to play Daniel Jones? – but the advantage is certainly there.

Despite all of Jones’ flaws, he looked very good against a solid Washington defense in Week 2. He posted 29.5 DraftKings points and would have had more if a questionable sustain call hadn’t cleared a touchdown.

Jones’ jamming ability will give him a nice high floor, but he could eat as a passer against that Falcons defense. They allowed 41 points per game in two games and allowed eight total touchdowns in those outings. Granted, one of those quarterbacks was Tom Brady, but the other was Jalen Hurts.

If Hurts can produce against the Falcons, so can Jones. We’re ready to trust him as a low-income quarterback that we can pair with his top two receivers. Shepard is averaging eight catches and 103.5 receiving yards per game, and while Golladay has yet to click with Jones, he has averaged seven targets per game so far. He should have opportunities to play at the bottom of the field, so at $ 5,600 on DraftKings and FanDuel, he’s worth the risk.

The Giants will likely be more possessed than usual, but there should still be a cap on who is willing to trust an inconsistent offense. This stack could provide key roster differentiation, which is essential in tournament formats.

QB Lamar Jackson, RB Ty’Son Williams, Ravens at Lions (DK / FD stack)

Here’s a nice little stack against the tide that takes advantage of the Lions’ biggest weakness: their poor running defense.

In 2020, the Lions allowed 29 touchdowns to running backs. They also allowed quarterbacks to rush for six touchdowns despite just 160 rushing yards at the post. These struggles continued until the 2021 NFL season, as they have already allowed running backs six total TDs, which is the most in the NFL. They also allowed the quarterback 13 runs – tied for second in the league – although the QB’s gains were negligible.

Jackson and Williams can take advantage of it. Jackson just slashed the Chiefs’ defense for 107 yards and just two rushing touchdowns. This year, he’s averaging 14 carries and 96.5 rushing yards per game. He should continue to spin the ball (and do it well) against Detroit.

Williams should do the same. He splits runs with Latavius ​​Murray, but averages 6.5 yards per attempt compared to Murray’s 3.4. Williams should have a lot of work to do against the Lions, especially as he’s looking to hone his pass protection skills.

Jackson will likely be owned by many owners, but few will choose to associate him with Williams. However, they both could have great days and there is a small chance of doubling the points here as Jackson could throw a TD at Williams. Well worth the risk, especially since Williams is not too expensive.

QB Kirk Cousins, WR Adam Thielen, WR KJ Osborn, Vikings vs. Seahawks (DK Stack)

So far this season, the Seahawks’ defense has been porous. They allowed 434 yards per game, good for the fourth most in the NFL.

The Seahawks were actually slightly better on the pass than the run, but this game could turn into a shootout. Dalvin Cook also got a bit messed up in Week 2, so we’ll be trusting some of the Vikings’ offensive weapons here.

Cousins ​​is averaging just under 300 passing yards in his first two games and 40.5 passing attempts per game. The Vikings ‘defense has had its fair share of problems and will likely struggle to contain Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense. As such, Cousins ​​will have to put a lot into this one to keep pace. It could make it a big day for him.

The question that follows becomes: what Minnesota wide-outs do you want to stack with him? There are three options in Thielen, Osborn and Justin Jefferson, but we are riding with the first two.

Jefferson is the most expensive of the bunch and is also the biggest name. However, it didn’t quite deliver on the level of Thielen, who has three touchdowns, and Osborn, who has one less grip than Jefferson but is less than half his price on DraftKings. Osborn feels particularly badly valued, so we’re going to catch him before his value increases again.

You can also re-roll this stack with a few Seahawks if you want to stack the game, which should have a high point total. But either way, that stack of three-player Vikings should pay off well.


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