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Selecting the perfect messaging platform for your dispensary can improve brand recognition with your customers and increase sales. Some messaging platforms and software include useful tools that help separate a subscriber list into different segments by active users or geographic location.

Consider using multiple communication methods to improve your relationship with your customers and increase your brand recognition. Before selecting an email platform, consider your specific cannabis dispensary needs, expected price, and customer relationship management (CRM) appeal.

The Best Messaging Platforms for Cannabis Dispensaries

Messaging platforms have the ability to positively impact your dispensary by creating brand awareness and driving customer engagement. Take your time selecting the right messaging platform to get the best results when marketing and communicating with customers.


MailerLite provides an email marketing product that offers automated emails and targeted campaigns. The company enables e-commerce websites to integrate seamlessly into emails. Such integration makes it easier for dispensaries to monetize an audience.

MailerLite produces targeted emails which can be created by segmenting subscribers by specific interests or level of email engagement. The company offers monthly and annual billing options that depend on the number of subscribers a dispensary intends to email. The free version reaches up to 1,000 subscribers and provides an automated email builder. MailerLite offers extended features for paid plans, such as the ability to send unlimited emails.

In addition to its messaging platform, the company builds websites, collects leads, and helps businesses sell products.


Moosend provides email marketing software designed to send emails while growing your market. The software offers businesses the ability to automate emails to save time and provides customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

An important benefit that Moosend offers individuals is the ability to understand the success of an email by offering helpful tools and personalized data on ongoing campaigns.

The company offers a 30-day free trial along with flexible paid options. Keep in mind that the free trial does not offer transactional emails. Moosend maintains a pro plan where companies pay $9 per month to send emails to up to 500 subscribers. In general, pro pricing varies based on the number of subscribers a company has, but an alternative custom plan is also available.


Klaviyo provides both short message service (SMS) for marketing and email marketing platform. Klaviyo’s email marketing software allows businesses to send emails that track shipments, offer discounts, and collect data such as the type of products subscribers view.

Interested businesses can sign up for a demo or use the free option which includes limited services and reaches up to 250 subscribers. The price varies according to the number of subscribers. For example, a business with 2,000 subscribers will likely pay around $60 per month, which is generally considered more expensive than the competition.


Omnisend focuses on reaching customers using a variety of communication channels such as email, SMS messaging, and push notifications. One of the benefits of using an Omnisend plan is that the company provides SMS credits to people who already have a different plan.

Omnisend offers a free plan with limited features but can reach up to 250 contacts and send a maximum of 60 SMS. Businesses have the option to select a standard plan that focuses on emailing for $16 per month or a pro plan that allows individuals to email and text for around $59 per month. month.

A great advantage that this company offers is the multiplicity of communication methods. Keep in mind that the messaging tools provided can be combined with SMS and web push to have a more effective marketing campaign.


SendX is a software specially created for email marketing that offers landing pages and forms to promote business growth. The software has a tagging and segmentation tool that helps businesses organize and sort customers more easily.

One of the main benefits for email marketing beginners is that the company offers A/B testing to test the strength of your email in terms of return on investment (ROI) and engagement to better guide future marketing plans. SendX provides a free trial option as well as several paid versions of the software which are strongly tied to the number of subscribers a company gets.

Benefits of using an email platform

The benefits of using a messaging platform are mostly limited by creativity. Emails have the potential to positively impact your business with minimal time and effort. Platforms strengthen customer relationships, increase traffic to your website, and increase sales.

A strengthened customer relationship: Using a messaging platform potentially improves customer relationships by allowing past customers to get to know your brand. A well-designed email can be user-friendly and has the ability to motivate readers to visit your website. Emails also have the ability to create a positive association with your brand.

Increase in site traffic: Consider the benefits of placing links to your dispensary in your emails. Providing easy access to your website will likely increase sales. You should research state rules and regulations before sending emails or including direct links.

High sales: Emails that inform customers of new products or upcoming discounts have the ability to improve sales. Consider the benefits of sharing with your customers whenever popular products are on sale or new items enter your dispensary, as these updates can act as a call to action.

Disadvantages of messaging platforms

Messaging platforms can have a few drawbacks. For example, not all powerful messaging platforms are cannabis-friendly, which means dispensaries will likely have to use other platforms. Additionally, cannabis-related emails have the potential to get stuck behind email filters, so customers might not even receive your email. Research available messaging platforms in combination with rules and regulations to better understand your options.

Lack of cannabis-friendly messaging platforms: A good number of messaging platforms are not cannabis-friendly. To save time, research messaging platforms that are cannabis-friendly before creating an account. Finding the right platform can pay off in the long run, so consider asking questions to effectively decide if a specific platform will best suit your needs.

Filters: Keep in mind that messaging platforms have the power to filter out content that goes against their guidelines or is considered spam. Think about how your content will interact with filters and make sure it meets the messaging platform’s general guidelines.

How to optimize your messaging platform

Messaging platforms are a great way to convey information to customers. It is a method that requires little overhead and has the potential to reach ever-increasing numbers of customers. Mailing lists often work to the advantage of a small business like dispensaries by staying on budget while quickly conveying information about new products and upcoming sales.

Organize your mailing list: Mailing lists can get out of control if they are not frequently monitored. Consider reviewing your mailing list quarterly to remove inactive emails or uninterested readers.

Know the email formats: When using an email platform, try to send each email as a tester on your account before sending it to your entire mailing list. Figure out what an email will look like in both mobile and desktop format to have a working knowledge of what your customers will see.

Subject of the engaging email: Subject lines are what customers will see first, so it’s important to make them appealing. Consider writing a subject line that gets your customer excited or curious. Generating interest with the subject line of the email can help you gain clicks on your dispensary.

Create a subscription list: One way to easily build an email list is to allow your website customers to self-elect to your email list. This is an effective way to find a group of customers or curious people who are likely to be more interested in the content of your upcoming email than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing a messaging platform for a dispensary, consider your specific needs while researching potential questions. Create a list of questions and try to answer them before using a messaging platform to make an informed choice. An important area of ​​research for dispensaries centers around the legality of emails containing marijuana-related content.

What software do dispensaries need?


What software do dispensaries need?


Hyacinth Sherris


Dispensaries usually need several pieces of software to keep the business running. For example, dispensaries often need point-of-sale software, accounting software, compliance software, and project management software. Some software is created specifically for dispensaries and meets industry needs. Research software by comparing and contrasting its potential advantages and disadvantages. Using a messaging platform can boost sales by creating awareness and increasing customer loyalty to your brand.

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Can you use PayPal at a dispensary?


Can you use PayPal at a dispensary?


Hyacinth Sherris


In general, PayPal is not a recommended payment method for dispensaries. One of the reasons is that it has a long history of hostility towards CBD industry. For example, marijuana may potentially be a prohibited activity under PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. Dispensaries should have an alternative method of payment.

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