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Best Banks with No ATM Fees in 2022 • Benzinga

When you visit the ATM, you hope to never pay a fee. However, consumers often find themselves at the ATM cash-strapped, faced with fees that take extra cash away from them.

The search then turns to ATMs free of charge. Maybe some banks don’t charge ATM fees? By reviewing this information, you will find that there are several ways to avoid additional surcharges at ATMs.

When do banks charge ATM fees?

Banks charge ATM fees in a few basic situations:

  • You are not a customer of this particular bank.
  • The ATM is located in a non-financial location (i.e. a gas station).

You may have resigned yourself to paying ATM fees at several places you frequent and probably enjoy. Consider all the places where ATMs take money out of your pocket without any public dissent:

Casinos have many ATMs where gamblers and gamblers can pick up some extra cash – for a fee.

Service stations, as mentioned, often house ATMs. Depending on the company running the gas station, ATM fees may or may not be charged. On the one hand, a large gas station chain may waive the fee for customers as a courtesy. However, this is not a guarantee.

grocery stores often keep ATMs near the front of the store for the convenience of customers. Due to the popularity of bank branches housed in large supermarkets, only customers of that bank are likely to be able to use the ATM for free.

Movie theater leave the ATMs near the entrance for kids to play video games or withdraw cash for snacks and drinks.

Airports have ATMs because travelers need money for a range of things from tipping a taxi driver to tipping a private driver, to valets, bellboys and extra staff. If stores inside the airport only accept cash, travelers will turn to the ATM without thinking.

You will also find that some destinations have partner banks that display their ATMs throughout the region. Commonly, Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) Theme parks have a partner bank readily available at each park and hotel. However, you may not be a customer of said bank, which means you pay a fee every time you need cash during what is likely an expensive vacation.

Because you can’t be sure you can find a benevolent ATM that magically charges no fees, you need to consider your options when trying to save money.

Average ATM fees

A report in Real Simple notes that Atlanta has the highest ATM fees, averaging $5.60 per withdrawal. The cheapest ATM fees in America are in Chicago at $4.11 per withdrawal. With these fees remaining so high, it stands to reason that you should research as many options as possible to save money.

Ask your bank if they waive ATM fees

Although you should look for a bank that does not charge a fee to use an ATM, you should consider contacting your bank to waive certain ATM fees. It may take a little time to be convinced, but you might find a friendly customer service representative or supervisor who will kindly waive ATM fees. However, you cannot expect the bank to waive these fees all the time.

Generally, a bank will only give you small courtesies once and note them on your account so that you cannot receive the same kindness a second time.

Earn cash back at checkout.

When you go to the grocery store, drug store, or any other place that offers cash back, take it. This is a simple and free way to get money. Of course, this option is not always available to you, but you should take advantage of it as much as you can.

Find a bank with no ATM fees.

Ultimately, you want to find a bank that doesn’t charge ATM fees. This means that you want the company to have a network of ATMs that you can use for free.

Best Banks with No ATM Fees in 2022 • Benzinga