Best AI Stock Trading Software

Stock trading can get complicated. You need to examine many stocks, follow their technical indicators, and determine the right times to enter and exit positions. Traders need a lot of resources to make informed decisions, and AI-powered stock trading software can help them. Some AI-powered stock trading tools make trades for you based on a set of parameters you provide. Other AI-powered stock trading tools make it easier to perform technical analysis and provide faster access to relevant information. AI stock trading software solutions are booming and this guide covers some of the top platforms to consider.

6 Best AI Stock Trading Software Options

Traders looking to generate more profits with AI may want to consider these best AI stock trading software options.

  • Ideal for alerts: Signal stack
  • Ideal for stock analysis: MetaStock
  • Best for all-in-one software: TrendSpider
  • Best for AI Assistant: Magnifi
  • Best for stock scanner: Business Ideas
  • Best for Options Trading: BlackBoxStocks

1. Best for Alerts: Signal Stack

Many investors set alerts to know when their favorite stocks reach certain price levels. Signal Stack can take action based on your alerts and fulfill orders automatically. You won’t need to frantically rush to your brokerage account to take advantage of the alert. Signal Stack offers 99.99% uptime and transactions that take place in 0.45 seconds.

Signal Stack is a user-friendly AI companion that doesn’t require coding. You can connect Signal Stack to over 20 brokerage firms. Retail investors have access to firm-level order execution through AI stock trading software.

  • Execute transactions automatically upon receiving alerts
  • Includes tools that help with technical analysis
  • No coding required
  • User-friendly platform
  • Automated investing
  • Per-signal pricing structure can get expensive
  • Market and limit orders only
  • Brokerage Companies Limited

2. Best for Stock Market Analysis: MetaStock

MetaStock makes it easy for investors to scan the market for opportunities that match their criteria. The platform allows traders to test their ideas to see how well their strategies would have worked in the past.

Traders can choose from over 150 technical indicators to compare stock trading opportunities. MetaStock accounts also come with basic and advanced charting features. Traders can monitor economic events, social sentiment, market news and other information from the MetaStock dashboard.

  • More than 150 technical indicators
  • Advanced mapping
  • Access to real-time data
  • Backtesting and forecasting tools
  • Option chains
  • Forex Trading Included
  • Overwhelming product list
  • Packages, subscriptions or both
  • Does not integrate with brokers
  • Not the best for beginners

3. Best for All-in-One Software: TrendSpider

Traders need various resources to make informed decisions. However, gathering these resources and accessing multiple dashboards can be time-consuming. TrendSpider offers a more streamlined approach that can replace all your trading tools with a single software.

TrendSpider’s AI trading bot can make trades based on real-time data on over 65,000 assets. Traders can benefit from dedicated one-on-one support and training to capitalize on its features. TrendSpider offers various charts and over 200 indicators to help traders make better decisions.

  • More than 200 technical indicators
  • Real-time prices and AI trading robot
  • 65,000+ actives on TrendSpider dashboard
  • Various mapping tools
  • Does not integrate with brokerages
  • Complex interface
  • May seem expensive for traders with lowest plan at $39.99 per month

4. Best for AI Assistant: Magnifi

Manifi makes it easy for investors and traders to find investment opportunities. The platform’s advanced search engine makes it easy to find stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other assets that match your search queries. For example, if you want to search for funds containing Tesla stocks or find growth stocks with strong revenue growth, Magnifi has you covered.

Magnifi allows you to link various brokerage accounts, such as Robinhood, E*TRADE and others. If you don’t want to invest your money right away, you can keep it in a high-yield savings account with an interest rate of 5%. Magnifi is a useful research tool that can help investors and traders.

  • Receive personalized stock recommendations based on your financial goals
  • Create watchlists
  • Commission-free trading
  • More than 15,000 investment opportunities available
  • Monthly fee of $13.99
  • A greater focus on long-term investing than day trading

5. Best for Stock Scanner: Trading Ideas

Trade Ideas is an AI-powered stock charting and charting platform that helps investors filter stocks into multiple categories, such as most popular stocks, top gainers, and unusual volume activity. Traders can set up customizable alerts and AI-based trade signals. Advanced charts and data visualization help traders save time and make informed decisions.

Trade Ideas is available on all devices and is mobile friendly. Investors can dig deeper into individual stocks and use backtests to see how their trading strategies would have performed in the past. Trade Ideas is well known for its charts and also offers Picture-in-Picture charts, which help traders detect multiple trends simultaneously.

  • Advanced scanning and mapping
  • Configure alerts
  • Backtesting
  • Connect to your brokerage firm and make trades with just one click
  • Expensive with the lowest plan at $84 per month
  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Best for Options Trading: BlackBoxStocks

BlackBoxStocks uses automated scanners to help investors discover opportunities in the market. The platform has an options feed scanner that allows retail traders to follow the smart money and capitalize on trends. Traders can set up alerts to receive notifications when stocks reach certain milestones.

BlackBoxStocks also has a trading community. You can interact with other traders and discover new strategies that can increase your returns. The trading community includes seasoned experts and the ability to listen to live channels. BlackBoxStocks has a Dark Pool scanner that reveals large blocks of trades that take place outside of the public market.

  • Options Flow Scanner
  • Dark Pool Overview
  • Market Alerts
  • Interact with the business community
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Membership fee of $99.97 per month

What is AI stock trading software?

AI stock trading software incorporates machine learning algorithms to provide traders with better investment opportunities. These tools make it easier for traders to filter information to find the best stocks. Some of these tools carry out traders’ buy and sell orders based on pre-established criteria. Stock trading software often comes with advanced charting tools, numerous technical indicators and key data points.

AI Stock Trading Software Evaluation Criteria

Traders can choose from many AI stock trading software. These are some of the factors to consider before committing to a software platform.

Accuracy and reliability of stock market forecasts

Traders should review stock market forecasts and see if they are accurate and contain up-to-date information. Some AI stock trading software does not update in real time or may lack accurate information. Comparing the platform’s results with information you find online can help you verify the accuracy of its stock forecasts. Once you verify that an AI stock trading software is legitimate, it becomes easier to trust its data.

Wallet customization options

The best AI stock trading software allows you to customize your investment strategy based on your financial goals. You can filter through numerous investment opportunities and act on the deals that suit you best.

Real-time data analysis capabilities

Traders should receive real-time information instead of asset prices updated every 20 minutes. Real-time information allows traders to make quick decisions and immediately capitalize on short-term opportunities.

User-friendly interface and customizable settings

The software should be easy to use on multiple devices. You shouldn’t need a desktop computer to get a smooth experience. Most major platforms offer mobile applications.

Integrating with popular brokerage platforms can save you time and allows you to do everything from a single dashboard. Platforms that don’t integrate with brokerage firms require you to open another tab to make trades. It’s better to have a streamlined experience rather than feeling like you need multiple windows open to execute trades.

Using artificial intelligence to guide your transactions

AI-powered stock trading software can make your life as a trader easier. These platforms give you faster access to information and can execute trades automatically based on your settings. The industry has heated up, so traders have more choices than before. Comparing tools and knowing what you want can help you make the right choice.

Frequently asked questions


You can use AI to trade stocks. Some platforms have AI tools that automatically make trades for you based on your criteria.


AI trading software works. You still need to develop a trading strategy and enter the settings, but it can trade for you.


AI stocks can be good investments, but investors should look at valuations and financials to gauge how a stock will perform over the long term.


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