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Bernard-Henri Lévy’s defamation complaint against Blast media rejected by justice – RT in French

Bernard-Henri Lévy had attacked for defamation an article published by the media Blast claiming that in 2011 he had received a check for more than 9 million euros on the orders of the Emir of Qatar. He was dismissed by the courts.

On September 22, the director of programs, digital and internet media campaigns Blast announced on Twitter that “the complaint of Bernard Henri Lévy [a été] rejected by the court ”. “Blast wins against the accusations of defamation of BHL”, specifies Mathias Enthoven, by publishing a link to the article targeted by the philosopher’s complaint and adding that “new revelations will arrive”.

In this article published on April 29, 2021, the media affirmed that, in a letter probably dated October 25, 2011, the Minister of Economy and Finance of Qatar Youssef Hussain Kamal specified to the director of the treasury of the emirate that a certified check for 40 million riyals (approximately 9.4 million euros) was to be given to Bernard-Henri Lévy, by order of the Emir and without the reason being mentioned.

Blast claims to have contacted Bernard-Henri Lévy during his investigation, who initially did not follow up before his press officer sent this response to the media: “I contacted Mr. Bernard-Henri Levy. He never had any contact whatsoever with Qatar. Any document which claims the contrary can only be a gross forgery. “

Launched in early 2021, Blast combines information platform and WebTV and was founded by journalist Denis Robert, the latter accusing the traditional media of making “propaganda”, as Europe 1 indicates.

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