Benefits of Youth Sports for Your Child’s Development

Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

Physical activity is useful at any age, and that’s nothing new. But it’s not just about health. Sports – and it’s proven by science – have a much stronger impact on children’s lives than many parents think. Exerienced writers from https://myessayhelper.net/ service have prepared an article that highlights the important reasons why your child should play sports.

Protection against physical inactivity

The lifestyles of today’s schoolchildren are very different from those of their parents. In the age of smartphones, children are spending more and more time in front of screens, assuming, to say the least, not the most natural posture. Today, around the world, 85% of girls and 78% of boys ages 11-17 lack physical activity. They move less than an hour a day, which is considered the necessary minimum. Movement deficit negatively affects the development of the cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal system, and can lead to gaining excess weight.


Reducing body fat through exercise or regular physical activity also means taking care of the heart and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise can also have a positive effect on bone health. Physical activity over an extended period of time can improve bone mineral density.

Improving academic performance in school

Do you want your child to study well? Take him to the sports section. Systematic reviews of studies say that regular physical activity improves children’s cognitive abilities and therefore has a positive effect on their school performance. And this doesn’t just apply to regular exercise – even a single workout makes a difference.


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Developing a healthy body image

Anorexia has now become the third most common chronic disease in girls aged 13-19. Relying on global data, it’s easy to judge how many girls suffer from an unhealthy perception of their bodies.


Sports, according to a scientific report from the Women’s Sports Foundation, can serve as both a prevention and a way to manage an already diagnosed disorder. Research cited in the report shows that girls who participate in sports rate their bodies higher than those who do not. Sports increase self-confidence and help them perceive their bodies more positively. 


Children who are more physically active have more muscle and less fat. With more muscle mass, the body burns more calories. So it’s no wonder that participating in physical activity and sports leads to a lower risk of being overweight.

Building a strong personality and a healthy mind

In today’s world, the ability to set a goal and achieve it, and to exercise discipline when necessary, including self-discipline, are some of the most important “flexible skills” and criteria for success in a career. It is in sports that a child first encounters these concepts in their pure, “adult” form. He learns correct behavior in a competitive environment and a healthy desire to win, developing as a person.


Learning to accept and deal with defeat is an important life lesson. Though it can be disappointing to lose, sports teach us valuable lessons either way. It is important to help children realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of in losing. By learning to control and understand their emotions after a loss, children will grow emotionally stable, which will help them a lot in adulthood.


Sporting activities provide children with a new social circle outside of school, and an opportunity to make new friendships, some of which can last a lifetime. By participating in sports, children learn valuable lessons about teamwork, such as putting themselves in second place for the good of the whole team. All of this gives a new sense of unity and belonging.


And in itself, regular exercise acts like an antidepressant on teenagers and even reduces the risk of depression. 

Instructional discipline and respect for elders

In the athletic field, special rules may be enforced by new authority figures such as coaches or referees. Following rules requires discipline and respect for decisions made by more experienced people. Adherence to rules and regulations is the foundation for good interaction and cooperation in any sport. Discipline in training is a necessary part of success. Constructive criticism is an important part of sports and a major component of developing necessary skills.

How to motivate your child to play sports?

So how do you instill in your child a love of sports and motivate him to keep working out?

Show support

This is the first and most important way to motivate your child. Support him in all endeavors, try to go to all competitions, meet him from the section at least for the first time and, of course, encourage him when he loses. Let your child know that you are proud of him and that his efforts are pleasant and important to you.

Talk about the benefits

Regularly but discreetly tell your child why sports are good and necessary.

Use books and movies

This point is a logical consequence of the previous one. Strengthen the arguments with interesting books and movies about the sport your child plays.

Set an example

A personal example is important in any aspect of education, and sports are no exception. 

If you are not “friendly” with sports, at least change your lifestyle: exercise regularly, walk a lot. Show by example that movement is life and that sports bring a lot of positive emotions. You can also organize joint activities: it is not only useful but also an excuse to spend more time with your child.

Don’t push

If a child categorically does not want to go to training, is capricious, cries, or refuses to try, do not ignore these alarm signals. Perhaps the reason is in the coach, the team, or too much work – by identifying the problem, you can solve it. But it could also be that your child just doesn’t like sports or wants to do something else. In this case, it is important to talk with the child and find out their true interests and desires.


If your child wants to play sports, but does not have time because of school and homework, hiring essay writing service like typemyessay.me can free up their schedule. This will allow them to balance school and sports, giving them the opportunity to make new friends, learn valuable teamwork skills, and improve their physical health.


If your child wants to play sports, but does not have time because of school and homework, hiring essay writing service like typemyessay.me can free up their schedule. This will allow them to balance school and sports, giving them the opportunity to make new friends, learn valuable teamwork skills, and improve their physical health.


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