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‘Ben to the Shore’ event raises funds for Families Behind the Badge charity
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – More than 2,000 bikers took part in the 34th annual “Ben to the Shore” event on Sunday morning.

The 65-mile bike ride benefits the Family Children’s Foundation Behind the Badge, which raises funds for the families of deceased first responders.

Organizers say they have already reached the goal of $ 1,000,000.

Last year the bike ride was virtual due to the pandemic, so the group were very excited to meet in person on Sunday morning and start their ride.

“We are so thrilled that this year we are returning supporting all of these great children’s charities that we do each year and benefiting survivors of fallen police, firefighters and EMS workers,” said Joe Sullivan, President of Families Behind the Badge.

One of the participating teams paid tribute to the late Philadelphia Police Officer Erin Tokley, who died of COVID-19.

He spent 24 years in the police department.

The 34-member team raised over $ 35,000 for Families Behind the Badge.


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