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Ben Brereton Diaz: Blackburn Rovers agree to release Chilean striker for October World Cup qualifiers |  Football news

Blackburn has reached an agreement with the Chilean Football Association on the release of Ben Brereton Diaz during the international truce in October.

In a possible sign of things to come with South American Premier League stars, the Championship team have announced that they have reached a compromise with Chile that they will play their first two World Cup qualifiers. next month against Peru and Paraguay on October 6 and 9, but miss the final window qualifier against Venezuela on October 13.

Rovers said he would return to the UK after the Paraguay game to “start any required quarantine period and limit the number of games he would miss for his club”.

Brereton Diaz was among a group of England-based players who were to be ineligible to play for their clubs this weekend after four national associations – Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay – asked FIFA to apply a restriction to their clubs. decision not to release players for international duty in the September window.

However, it emerged late Friday evening that the request to enforce the restriction had been dropped following extensive discussions with FIFA.

Premier League clubs had collectively agreed at the end of August not to release players for September’s international duty in countries on the British government’s ‘red list’ of coronaviruses.

Brereton Diaz has scored three goals in six games at the start of the league season

FIFA said on Saturday there had been “constructive dialogue” with the government following a letter sent by it, the Football Association and the Premier League to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday in an attempt to avoid a repetition of the liberation dispute next month.

The deal Blackburn has drawn up is similar to that agreed by Aston Villa for the release of their Argentinian duo Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia, and could be the model that other clubs and associations will follow unless a quarantine exemption is issued. granted by the government.

Tuesday September 14 7:40 p.m.

Kick-off at 7.45 p.m.

Rovers manager Tony Mowbray said: “We tried to make a deal with (Chile). They withdrew their complaint to FIFA, we said Ben can get into the next international window, and let’s see this that the world is, as then, if the countries of the red zone are still countries of the red zone.

“I think we’re okay with them that he can play the first two games. In reality, if he plays the third game, he’s potentially going to miss three or four games for us, with a 10-day quarantine. .

“So if he finishes after the second game, comes back, then he’s probably only going to miss a game or two for us.

“Let’s see how it works. Our hope is that the world will be in a better place in a month’s time and the government is looking at the situation in professional football and seeing if there will be an allowance for the footballers.”

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