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Beginning of drowning in Petit-Carhaix: the rescue told by Axelle – Carhaix

Good stories are so rare that we sought to learn more about the rescue of a father and his daughter on Tuesday afternoon near the Kergroas bridge. Without knowing that we were knocking on the right door, we nevertheless tried our luck in a house near the site where the incident took place. Surprised to see us but smiling, the young woman who opens the door quickly understands what brings us. “All the colleagues told me about it this morning at work. They immediately guessed that it was me that we were talking about in the article, ”she emphasizes.

Awakened by screams

Aged 25, Axelle Bournet is therefore the young woman whose adventure we were telling us about. This department employee at the Leclerc Center in Carhaix, a resident of the Petit-Carhaix district for three years and mother of a 17-month-old little girl, was taking a nap when she was awakened by screams on Tuesday, shortly before 15 h. “I start work every day at 6 am and usually rest in the afternoon,” she explains. I am probably the only one to have heard the screams. The other residents of the neighborhood are rather elderly, ”she admits. At the time, the Carhaisienne did not think at all of the onset of drowning. “Every day, young people bathe in front of our house and there is a lot of noise and screams. Despite everything, I left the house and it was there that I saw that it was a child crying for help ”.

“If I hadn’t succeeded, I would have jumped”

Seeing two people in difficulty in the river, without thinking, Axelle immediately advances on the weir located in front of her house in order to come to their aid. “The little girl was playing with her brother across the river in a shallow place, but she slipped into a water hole and was swept away by the current, which is quite large there. Her father, who could not swim, then jumped into the water fully clothed, she says. I, for one, can swim, but not very well, so I lay down on the weir and stretched out my arms as much as possible to help them out. I had half my body in the water. If I hadn’t succeeded, I would have jumped into the water too ”.

It was not far from the Kergroas bridge that the father and his daughter almost drowned on Tuesday afternoon. In this photo taken on the edge of the Hyères, this Wednesday, we can clearly see the shallow water zone (on the left) where the children were swimming, until the girl slipped into a deeper part (on the left). middle) and lose ground. (Photo source Jean-Noël Potin)

Rescue in extremis

The young woman then manages to seize the girl, about 8 years old, and whom the father had managed to keep out of the water. Looking back, the young woman blames herself for forgetting that she had a buoy at home. “At the time, I didn’t even think about it,” she admits. Fortunately, the father, “who was tall and strong”, still had a little strength although he had swallowed a large quantity of water. “I asked him to reach out and I managed to hoist him onto the weir, with the help of his son.”

“It seemed normal to me! “

After putting them to safety, Axelle returned home to look for her cell phone and call the fire department. “I also called my brother-in-law, who doesn’t live far away, to come and help me. The firefighters arrived shortly after ”.

Modest and discreet, the young woman considers that she has only done her duty. “It seemed normal to me,” she says. So normal, moreover, that the courageous woman did not wish to be photographed. “I didn’t do anything extraordinary! She repeats.

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