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Beauvau of security: the announcements of Emmanuel Macron – France

“A drastic simplification” of the conduct of surveys

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that he wanted a “drastic simplification” of the conduct of investigations, a reform that will have to be specified within the framework of the Estates General of justice, the opening of which is scheduled soon. We must “rethink the major balances of criminal procedure”, added the Head of State, asking the Minister of Justice to propose “within three months”, “very concrete measures”.

500 million euros for the implementation of Beauvau de la sécurité from 2022

An additional budget of 500 million euros in 2022 has been announced to implement the measures decided during the Beauvau de la Sécurité, which will strengthen the resources of the police. In total, the budget of the Ministry of the Interior will increase by 1.5 billion euros in 2022. The 500 million euros constitute an extension compared to the increase of 900 million announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex at the end of July.

Police will have a “training center” on policing

A “training center” on the maintenance of order will be created for the police officers, whose action has been criticized during the demonstrations, in particular during the movement of the yellow vests. This center, based in the Paris region, will be like the one already existing for the gendarmes in Saint-Astier (Dordogne), said the head of state.

Objective of “doubling over ten years” the presence of police officers on the ground

Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday he wanted to “double in ten years” the presence on the ground of “police and gendarmes”. The Head of State, who repeated that he wanted “more blue” in the street, demanded that a reform of the schedules of the security forces be presented at the beginning of the year 2022 to allow an increase in their presence on the street. ground.

Implementation of “online complaints from 2023”

More information to come

A new outfit for the police in early 2022

The police will have a new “modernized polo shirt” and a cap instead of the cap from the first quarter of 2022. This new uniform, made in France and developed after a call to fashion and design schools, is part of “consideration. that we owe you, ”said Emmanuel Macron.

Creation of a “parliamentary control body for law enforcement agencies”

More information to come