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Bear on a Wire: Engineer talks to beast after it gets stuck in a utility pole |  US News

A bear in Arizona managed to escape unscathed after getting stuck on a utility pole.

Werner Neubauer, engineer for Sulfur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, had to cut the power so the animal was not electrocuted.

He then climbed into a lifting basket and used an 8ft (2m) fiberglass stick to try to push the bear and force it down.

When that failed, he even tried to talk to her.

“I think I told him I was going to help him get off the post,” Neubauer said.

“I know he couldn’t understand me. But it got his attention.”

After grabbing and biting the stick several times, the bear finally got down and fled into the wilderness.

According to Neubauer, the bear appeared to be fine and the power outage only lasted about 15 minutes.

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