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“Barter barter, who’s there?”  »: A group born from their experience of solidarity

The barter, this is what allowed Geoffroy Couturier to develop over time his little family nest when he moved to Pluneret (56) three years ago with his partner. “We arrived from Saint-Étienne with our old car, without furniture, without appliances, just a suitcase,” he recalls, now living in Auray (56).

Here people are very generous and don’t look askance

They will never forget the solidarity of the people and this is what led them, a year later, to create the group “Barter barter, who is there?” “. “We were inspired by a group that existed in Saint-Étienne. Here, I have noticed that people are very generous and do not look askance. “

At the service of others

Today, nearly 2,200 subscribers have joined this group, initially dedicated to residents of Auray and the surrounding area, and now extended to Morbihan. Putting their experience at the service of others, this is the humble motivation of the young couple. Geoffroy still remembers this elderly lady who gave a gaming chair and a sofa. “She had no one to put them in the recycling center. We went to get them and she didn’t want anything in return. When I saw that she was living alone, I gave her my phone number. One day, she sends me a message, she was just released from the hospital and had nothing to eat. I was preparing a pasta dish at home and I went to bring him a meal ”.

People have donated a boat, a caravan, a trailer because they don’t have the time, the means or the know-how to renovate

The exchanges are diverse and without any notion of money. “We saw a person swap his bike for vegetables. Recently, a lady offered to come and pick peaches in her garden for lollipops. The observation, after two years, is that many want to get rid of bulky furniture or equipment. “People have donated a boat, a caravan, a trailer because they don’t have the time, the means or the know-how to renovate. “

Solidarity approach

Ornella Mattei, who takes care of her young children, donated children’s clothes and in return received a package of cakes or toys. “In this group, no one has in mind to make a profit,” underlines Geoffroy, 25 years old and a police officer for two years. To join this group of which they are the only directors, Geoffroy and Ornella have a questionnaire filled out. “We ask if they are ready to think of others before them, what they can bring to the group”.

An app and a planned gathering

Last week, some 500 people made contact, very seduced by this solidarity approach which also works by word of mouth. “We have people of all ages and all social classes. Afterwards, we filter and do not accept those who do not respect the rules. »Helping with a move, for a mechanical problem, for gardening, painting, keeping animals in exchange for another service or other object or food product, such is the objective of this group. Soon, Geoffrey is thinking of launching a mobile application and would imagine one day organizing a barter rally in Auray.