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Barbara Pompili and Emmanuel Macron each receive a Climate Ball awarded by Greenpeace – RT en français

The Minister of Ecological Transition and the President have both been awarded a Climate Ball, an ironic prize awarded by the environmental NGO Greenpeace.

Emmanuel Macron “for all of his work” and Barbara Pompili for the re-authorization of neonicotinoids: Greenpeace awarded its first Climate Balls on January 26 on the red carpet of a parody ceremony in front of the National Assembly.

“Barbara Pompili, the bee slayer”

The NGO called at the beginning of December to separate ten officials from the majority identified as “specialists in window dressing” in climate action, five in the minister category and five in the parliamentary category.

“In the minister category, the 2020 Climate Balls prize is awarded to Barbara Pompili, the bee killer,” said the master of ceremonies in a tuxedo perched on a sound truck on the Place du Palais Bourbon.

“Somehow, we expect more from Barbara Pompili […] The disappointment is all the greater ”, lamented to AFP the Director General of Greenpeace France, Jean-François Julliard, deciphering the results of this consultation which placed the Minister of Ecological Transition in front of Bruno Le Mayor, “the fossil of Bercy”, and Jean-Baptiste Djebarri, “the pilot of the climate crash”.

Macron awarded with a “special jury prize”

While about 30,000 people according to the NGO took part in the online consultation, a “special jury prize”, out of vote, was awarded to the President of the Republic “for all of his work”, under a shower of confetti hurled at the dozen activists attending the ceremony.

“Since his election, he has continued to position himself as a climate champion, a defender of the planet […], and unfortunately there is an extremely strong gap between discourse and actions, ”commented Jean-François Julliard.

Complaint from the National Assembly

While a duo of climbers climbed columns of the entrance porch to deploy a banner bearing the image of the winners, the National Assembly will file a complaint for degradation, AFP learned from a parliamentary source.

The deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône Mohamed Laqhila, described as “VRP of palm oil”, meanwhile received the prize in the parliamentary category for “his lobbying in favor of Total” during his attempt to push back the elimination of the tax loophole on palm oil-based agrofuels.

“The three laureates acclaimed by the public have in common to put the agenda of industrial lobbies before the climate imperative,” said Clément Sénéchal, Climate Campaigner for Greenpeace. “We will not be able to face the climate crisis with such ‘balls’ on our feet.”

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