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Barack Obama points to the “dangers” of cancel culture – RT in French

In an interview, the former US president referred to the “dangers”, according to him, of cancel culture. He said that among his daughters’ dating and on campuses, some people “overstep the line” on the matter.

In an interview with CNN and broadcast on June 7, former US President Barack Obama warned against the excesses of the cancel culture, a concept designed to exclude or ban a person or entity because of ideas considered problematic. The former Democratic head of state gave his opinion on the situation, referring to “the dangers of cancel culture”, Which according to him are characterized by a tendency to want to“ condemn people permanently ”. “My daughters recognize that sometimes, among their classmates or on university campuses, we see people who cross the line,” said Barack Obama.

The one who was President of the United States 2009 to 2017 added that his daughters Malia (22) and Natasha (20) do not “ask everyone to be perfect”, nor to be “politically correct everyone. time ”, but wish to“ denounce institutions or individuals if they are cruel, if they discriminate against people ”. “We want to raise awareness,” he concluded.

In 2019, Barack Obama had already criticized culture woke : “This idea of ​​purity […] and that you are still politically woke […], you should move on quickly, ”he said in Chicago at an event for his Summit foundation. “The world is complicated. There are ambiguities. People who do very good things have faults, ”he also said on this occasion, as recalled The Hill.

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