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Bang-Up Gift for Mom: ‘Shotgun Shell’ Necklace Stamped with Trump’s Name

Donald Trump’s online store is apparently trying to hit some sort of Mother’s Day target with a necklace pendant that resembles the base of a shotgun shell with the name “Trump” stamped into the metal.

“A classic accessory for everyday wear,” the “Concho Necklace” is “perfect for layering or standing on its own,” launches a blurb for the item in the Trump Organization’s Trump online store.

Screenshot / Twitter / Trump Store


The necklace was one of the gifts the store featured in its “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” on Monday – although it appears to have been removed from that section later today. However, he was still featured for Mom on Twitter.

The blurb does not refer to it as a shotgun shell, but the pendant is similar to the base of shells which are more commonly stamped with words like “gauge” and “Winchester”.

The description of the former president’s fan shop refers to the pendant as a decorative “Concho” disc, which ironically comes from the Mexican vaquero tradition and was originally used on the saddles.

The Trump “Concho” is made of brass with a nickel inner ring, according to the store’s pitch. The base of a shotgun shell is usually brass plated steel. The primer, in the center of the base, is said to contain a chemical that will explode when struck by the pistol firing pin.

Bang-Up Gift for Mom: ‘Shotgun Shell’ Necklace Stamped with Trump’s Name

Jose A. Bernat Bacete via Getty Images

You are the judge.

The store also offers two types of bracelets and a double chain necklace with the same pendant.

Robert Maguire, director of research for the Washington-based watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, was one of the first to spot this unusual gift. He couldn’t believe it.


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