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Bake Off 2023: meet the contestants for the 14th series of The Great British Bake Off

The candidates for the new series of Great British Pastry shop were announced.

Among the bakers featured in this year’s series are a scientist, an accountant and a retired flight attendant.

The show is set to return on September 26, with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith reprising their roles as judges.

The hospitality team experienced a shake-up this year as This morning Star Alison Hammond takes over from Matt Lucas, who stepped down after the 2022 series.

She will join Noel Fielding who returns for his sixth year in the series.

Here’s a look at all the contestants expected to appear this year Pastry shop…

‘The Great British Bake Off’ welcomes Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith


Abby, 27 years old

Vegetable grower and delivery driver from Cumbria

Abbi, born in Yorkshire, learned to cook from her mother. She then became fascinated with baking throughout history, particularly during the Victorian era. Today, she sources and grows many of her own ingredients. “I’m very creative and love creating real-life locations and scenes from cakes, but I would struggle to create something very neat and chic,” she said.

Amos, 43 years old

North London Deli and Grocery Manager

Hospitality professional Amos grew up in Nottingham with his sister and mother, who inspired him with his baking skills. He now lives in north London in a converted church, which he says compares to his style of baking: “traditional with a modern twist”.

Cristy, 33 years old

East London Mum and PA

Cristy, a mother of four, draws inspiration from her Israeli heritage and her husband’s Jamaican roots for her pastries. She can also solve a Rubik’s cub in less than four minutes! “Alison and Noel were one of the best parts of the tent, they are both so adorable and funny,” she teased. “Seeing them bouncing and laughing all the time… They’re the perfect duo.”

Dan, 42 years old

Cheshire Civil Engineering Resource Planner

Dan’s interest in cooking began during a trip to South America in 2007. It was his mother-in-law who taught him how to make the perfect shortcrust pastry. Since then, Dan has been a fanatic for pies and pastries. “My strengths lie in my flavor combinations,” Dan said; “My weakness…thinking too much and doing too much!” »

Dana, 25 years old

Essex Database Administrator

Dana, 25, had been cooking seriously for about nine years when she identified a gap in her family’s traditionally Indian culinary repertoire. To avoid taking over her mother’s cooking, she would take the bus to her father’s house to experiment.

Her style is “rustic and warm” – think semi-naked cakes with neat lines and piping. Flavor-wise, she has a penchant for spices associated with her Indian heritage.

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Jos, 27 years old

Leicestershire Postdoctoral Research Associate

THE Pastry shop The tent wouldn’t be complete without a scientist of some quality. Chemist Josh loves experimenting in the kitchen and is fascinated by old baking books. Passionate about rugby, Josh invigorates his teammates with baked treats. He dreams of one day owning his own artisan bakery.

Keith, 60 years old

Hampshire Chartered Accountant

Keith’s childhood was filled with memories of apple pies and fairy cakes, a skill he learned from his mother. His love for traditional Maltese dishes also left a lasting impression on him. Since those formative years, Keith has never stopped cooking.

Sue, his partner, has become accustomed to waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread. They share their home with their poodle Maisie, just a few steps from the sea.

Matthew, 28 years old

Cambridgeshire PE and Science Teacher

Matty watches baking videos online before bed. He continually strives to match the enchantment of the very first pastry that captured his imagination: a teddy bear cake lovingly made by his late grandmother for her fourth birthday. Now the family’s go-to baker, he keeps a list of cake requests for upcoming celebrations. He describes his style as a blend of rustic charm and precision, with a penchant for traditional flavors like chocolate, citrus and nuts. His next big task? Making his own wedding cake for his fiancée Lara.

Nicky, 52 years old

Retired cabin crew and volunteers from the West Midlands

Nicky says his baking style is like a pair of “comfy old slippers” – whatever that means. Her favorite choices remain baking, but she also enjoys baking bread and creating fun birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren. Beyond cooking, Nicky volunteers with a pet therapy charity alongside her dog, Bracken, and has been a keen skier since the age of three.

Rowan, 21 years old

West Yorkshire student

Rowan, an English literature major, lives by the motto “Go big, or go home,” a philosophy he applies to his baking projects. His earliest memories of baking revolve around scones, pork pies, shortbread and jam tartlets, which he considers northern delicacies. Much like his impressive cocktail-making skills, Rowan showcases his grandiose and opulent side through his baked goods, leaving his college friends in awe. For his 21st birthday, he even designed a massive three-tier, 12-tier extravagant cake.

Saku, 50 years old

Herefordshire Intelligence Analyst

Sri Lankan-born Saku infuses the traditional flavors of her heritage into her baked goods, particularly curry spices, which she says create exceptional pie fillings. She also generously incorporates cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg into her sweet creations. Although she didn’t have an oven in her family home in Sri Lanka until she was 18, Saku discovered her passion for baking when she moved to the UK with her husband in 2003. She truly blossomed when she became a mother, when she began making homemade meals. treats for her children’s lunch boxes, inspired by snacks she saw at the supermarket.

Tacha, 27 years old

Responsible for Bristol participation

Tasha’s fondest childhood baking memory is enjoying the sugar icing on fairy cakes made with her mother and grandmother. In high school, she started cooking for friends and was encouraged by her food technology teacher to take it up as a hobby. Tasha’s approach to baking reflects her fearless outlook on life. She uses it as a means of creative expression, often tackling difficult designs with remarkable success. Beyond baking, she enjoys attending West End shows and has a deep passion for globetrotting.

Great British Pastry shop broadcast on September 26 on Channel 4 at 9 p.m.


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