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It’s almost 10 years since the launch of Justworks. The platform, founded by Isaac Oates, was another example of software devouring the world; in this particular case it was the world of HR. The company has since raised nearly $ 150 million in funding.

In 2016, Bain Capital Ventures seized the potential for success of Justworks. Partner Matt Harris led the company’s $ 13 million Series B when Justworks did not even hit $ 1 million in annual revenue.

In the next episode of Extra Crunch Live, we’re going to sit down with Oates and Harris to discuss how they met, the deal was made, and how they handled their board member relationship. administration / founder over the past five years.

As with any episode of ECL, Oates and Harris will also be providing live commentary on the pitch decks submitted by the audience during the Pitch Deck teardown.

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Matt Harris began his career as an investor with Bain Capital Private Equity in 1995. In 2000, he founded his own company called Village Ventures, where he spent 12 years investing primarily in fintech startups. In 2012, he returned to Bain Capital Ventures. Its portfolio includes Acorns, Finix, Ribbon and, of course, Justworks, among others.

Oates served for 12 years in the National Guard and Army Reserve as an intelligence officer. He also worked as a software engineer at Amazon before creating his first company, Adtuitive, which was acquired by Etsy. Oates led the human resources and payments team at Adtuitive and Etsy, learning firsthand the ways the system was fundamentally broken. Justworks was born in 2012 and has become a household name in enterprise technology.

In Wednesday’s episode, we’ll talk about why Harris felt convinced to bet on Justworks and why Oates went with Harris rather than other investors. We’ll also learn more about how they deal with disagreements, build trust, and their broader views on current business trends.

Next, we’ll dive into the Teardown Pitch Deck. Anyone can submit a pitch deck to be featured in an episode of Extra Crunch Live, but EC members will be prioritized in the list. If you want to get in on the action, submit your deck here.

As with almost everything we do here at TechCrunch, audience members can ask their own questions as well.

Extra Crunch Live gave you room for networking (you have to network to work, amirite?). Networking is open from 2:30 p.m. EST / 11:30 a.m. PST and remains open half an hour after the episode ends. Make a friend!

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Harris and Oates join a group of world-class speakers on Extra Crunch Live. In February alone, we spoke to Gaurav Gupta of Lightspeed and Raj Dutt of Grafana, Aydin Senkut of Felicis and Kevin Busque of Guideline, and Steve Loughlin of Accel and Jason Boehmig of Ironclad.

You can check out past episodes of ECL here and the upcoming schedule here.

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We’ll see each other there!

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