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Bachelorette’s Ashley Tells All About JP’s Post-Divorce Life

Instead, she is IRL searching for someone she can “cuddle” with on the couch, saying that she is attracted to “boy moms” and those who are “nice to their friends and even strangers “. As she said, “This is a major emotional turning point for me.”

But even if she finds the person she’s looking for, Ashley isn’t looking to remarry. One fan asked, “Would you remarry after a divorce with children?” She replied, “Hmm, good question. My vote is no. I believe the seasons change and it’s okay”, but admitted hers was probably an “unpopular opinion”.

Despite her divorce, Ashley said she ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ about him Bachelorette experience and is “100%” still able to see it Bachelorette experience and marriage positively.

However, she said it had become “more difficult for me towards the end of our relationship” to realize that the family she had planned was not working.

“I lost a lot of what I loved about my home towards the end of my marriage,” she wrote, but noted, “I feel like myself again.”

Ashley explained, “Once you let go of what could have been and do what is right then, a tremendous weight will be lifted.”

She declined to answer a question about the reason for their split, but then teased, “We see the cut differently,” when asked about the bigger difference between their personalities.