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Baby elephant rescued after falling 9 meters deep in Indian village

The calf was part of an elephant herd to enter Nimatand village from nearby forest in Giridih district, eastern Jharkhand at the end of May 2. The villagers chased the herd, but discovered the calf at the bottom of the well as follows. Morning.

“Unfortunately, in the dark of the night, around 9 p.m. local time, a baby elephant fell into the well,” said local government official Shashikant Verma, who photographed the rescue.

“The level (of the water) was not high enough, but the calf had some buoyancy after a fall and was not injured.”

The villagers alerted the local forest service, which launched a rescue operation using three backhoes. Officials demolished an entire side of the well wall, ultimately cutting a ramp into the earth to allow the calf to come out on its own instead of being lifted vertically.

Eight hours later, the calf came out of the well, covered in mud and dust.


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