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Aviation Group Owner Donates Plane to Bring Injured Surfside Comfort Dog to Philadelphia – WSVN 7News |  Miami News, Weather, Sports

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. (WSVN) – A dog who served as an emotional relief dog after the Surfside collapse has received much-needed care himself.

Teddy, a comfort dog, needed a lot of help getting home, and the people of South Florida have stepped up to help him get home.

“Teddy has a personality that just seems to catch your heart,” said Jeff Barrett, the father of the dog owner.

And in an environment with little hope like the rubble pile of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Teddy did just that for first responders.

Sophia Barrett, the owner of Teddy, is originally from Hollywood but now lives in Philadelphia.

“It’s horrible what’s going on in Surfside, and being able to be that bright spot in people’s days was a privilege,” she said.

Barrett and the 6-year-old Rescue, a trained emergency response dog, spent three weeks at Surfside until injured. His hind legs had stopped working.

Teddy is a lab basset hound mix, and he has a longer back, so his owner thinks that maybe, with a combination of being on top of the rocks and the heat, may have driven to the injury.

Teddy’s vet said flying home would be too stressful and a long drive would be too difficult for him, so Sophia appealed for help. It was then that the Titan Aviation Group came in to help.

“When I’m having a bad day, my dog ​​makes me smile,” said Dirk Vander Sterre, owner of Titan Aviation Group. “What he was doing there was great. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to get involved.

His company offered a ride on an 8-seater Hawker 800 XP plane.

“Teddy will have first class service, of course,” said driver Jim Rozman. “He’s going to be in a private jet and the air conditioning, of course, and I’m sure he’ll have access to water as well.”

While Teddy needed help climbing the stairs and advice on making his way through the cabin, Teddy had a comfy couch all to himself.

Once settled and happy, the jet took off for Philadelphia, and the rescuer’s rescue was nearing completion.

“He was there and worked with all of his heart to meet all of these people, give them a lick and be friendly with them,” Jeff said.

“The big men who are in that rubble were grabbing the dog’s face and just giving them a hug,” said Rene Barrett, the dog’s owner’s mother. “It relieves them. “

The flight offered would normally cost $ 10,000, and they have since landed in Philadelphia.

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