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Automatic declaration of income: are you affected?  – Economy
  • 1 What is automatic declaration?
  • Despite the establishment of withholding tax, taxpayers must always complete a declaration recapitulating their income for the previous year. It allows the tax authorities to determine the tax owed by each tax household and to compare it with the tax paid at source, in order to calculate the balance it will require or reimburse.

    Since last year, you don’t have to do anything if the administration already has all the necessary tax information. This is the case if your income is fully declared by third parties (employer, retirement pension center, etc.) and you have not changed your address. The declaration is then automatic. Without action on your part, Bercy considers that it has your tacit consent to rely on the pre-filled elements.

  • 2 How many households are affected?
  • Last year, nearly one in three households escaped the drudgery of filing income tax. And there will be new beneficiaries this year. In fact, unlike last year, having declared a birth or an adoption will not prevent benefiting from the automatic declaration.

  • 3 Can I apply to take advantage of it?
  • No, there is no point in claiming it. If the tax authorities do not offer it to you, it is because you are not entitled to it.

  • 4 Who is excluded from the scheme?
  • If you are filing your taxes for the first time, you cannot benefit from automatic filing. All households receiving income not known to the tax authorities, such as alimony, professional benefits or property income, are also excluded. The detailed list of excluded taxpayers appears annexed to the general tax code.

  • 5 How does it work in practice?
  • If you are one of the beneficiaries of the automatic declaration, you will receive in April, by e-mail or by post, a document summarizing the information already known by the administration (marital status, income received in 2020, estimate of your tax and any balance to be paid at the end of the year). If everything is correct, you will not have to do anything.

    Note that Bercy promises this year a new, more modern application which will allow the taxpayers concerned to consult their declaration directly on their smartphone.

    And for those who are still in paper format? If the pre-filled information is correct, then again, nothing can be done. You don’t need to resend the document!

  • 6 Am I required to verify my automatic declaration?
  • By definition, no. But it is at your own risk! If you make a mistake, you will be at fault, not the tax administration. Beware of penalties, for example, if you fail to declare a new source of income of which the tax authorities were not aware (for example if you started a self-employed activity in 2020).

  • 7 Will it be possible to correct an error once the deadline has passed?
  • Yes. This will be possible via the “access to the correction online” section, which appears every year at the end of the summer on the site. This tool is generally available until mid-December.

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