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Authentic Artists builds AI-powered virtual musicians – TechCrunch

Chris McGarry, who previously led music integration at Facebook’s Oculus, is taking a new approach to bringing music into the virtual world with his startup Authentic Artists.

McGarry pointed to virtual celebrities like Lil Miquela and virtual concerts like Travis Scott’s giant event in Fortnite as setting the stage for the genuine performers. In a sense, the startup represents a combination of these ideas, creating virtual musicians who perform their own concerts – initially in Twitch – and can respond to audience demands.

“We are not intentionally trying to create a digital facsimile of what already exists,” he said. “We want to use new tools to create new art, new experiences, new culture. The appeal is that these artists can really be vectors of collaboration with the public, so that [audience members] can selectively shape the live show. “

In fact, Authentic Artists have hosted test gigs on Twitch before, and McGarry said the team were “frankly blown away by the response,” with an average view time of 35 minutes.

He will be unveiling his next generation of virtual artists at Twitch concerts starting April 14, co-hosted by (human) Twitch streamers, who will introduce the concept to the public – though McGarry has said there is potential for it. more collaboration between virtual and human stars in the future.

There are a number of different pieces on the Authentic Artists platform, working together to bring a virtual musician to life, generate their music, and enable them to respond to audience feedback, whether it’s increasing the intensity of their music. ‘a song, reduce the tempo, or fast-forward to the next song.

“Music is the cornerstone of our vision, and as a result, we’ve invested heavily in the primary audio engine,” McGarry said. He pointed out that the platform doesn’t just recombine musical loops composed by humans, but rather generate music on its own: “We want to [our virtual artists] to have autonomy, we want them to be real.

Looks like the team is still putting the finishing touches on new artists, so I couldn’t see a full concert experience. Instead, McGarry and his team showcased renderings of these artists (including a half-human cyborg and a giant iguana) and their virtual locations, and they demonstrated the music engine, creating new compositions on the fly all the way. by adjusting different parameters. As McGarry said, “These are all original compositions, generated and produced while we’re sitting here, without manual intervention.”

Authentic Artists is backed by investors such as OVO Fund, Lupa Systems by James Murdoch, Mixi Group and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. McGarry said he is currently focusing more on finding the fit between the product and the market than the business model, but he sees opportunities to make money through avenues such as branded music. and decentralized finance / NFT in the future.

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