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Australian Olympic swimmer Madi Wilson hospitalized with Covid in Italy


Australian Olympic swimmer Madi Wilson announced that she had tested positive for Covid-19 and was hospitalized in Italy as a precautionary measure due to “underlying problems with the chest and lungs”.

Wilson, 27, made the announcement in an Instagram post on Sunday.

The swimmer, who competes with the Los Angeles Current team in the International Swimming League (ISL), wrote that she had tested positive even though she was “double vaccinated and had taken the correct precautions in place through the ‘ISL “.

Wilson was in Naples, Italy for an ISL competition, but said she would now be forced to miss the next game.

“Covid is a serious thing and when it happens it hits really hard,” she wrote. “I would be stupid to say that I was not afraid.

Wilson guessed that she could have been more susceptible to a Covid infection after “a crazy few months”, including the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which left her “physically and mentally exhausted”.

Wilson said she hopes to “bounce back in no time.”

In a subsequent Instagram story on Monday, Wilson encouraged people to get the shot. She said that although she tested positive, her vaccine alleviated her symptoms and “protected the people around me whom I have been close to during this last period”.

“Please keep getting the vaccine,” she said.

Wilson won multiple medals while swimming for Australia, including gold, at the Rio 2016 Olympics and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.