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Austin defends Milley after Trump book revelations

Following the revelations, Conservatives including Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Milley of being too political and said he should be fired. Trump himself attacked Milley in a series of statements and suggested that he should be “court martialed and tried.”

Milley declined to comment directly on the books’ claims on Wednesday and did not say if he was flustered believing that he had used his post for political reasons.

But the four-star general said “with certainty” that he and members of the Joint Chiefs had “kept our oath of allegiance” to the Constitution.

“We have also maintained the tradition of civilian control of the military,” Milley added. “We did it without fail. And we have also maintained the tradition of an apolitical army. We did it then. We are doing it now. And we will do it forever. All the time.”

Pressed further on the recent report, Milley pointed out that the military “is an apolitical institution… and our oath is to the Constitution, not to an individual at all. The military did not and should never get involved in domestic politics. “

“We are not arbitrating the elections,” he said. “It’s the job of the judiciary and the legislature and the American people. This is not the job of the US military.

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