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Attempt to censor Romney for Trump impeachment votes fails

Davis County Delegate Don Guymon, author of the resolution, said Romney’s votes for Trump’s impeachment “hurt the Constitution and hurt the party.”

“It was a process driven by Democrats who hated Trump,” Guymon said. “Romney’s vote on the first impeachment emboldened Democrats who continued to harass Trump.

The proposal, among several platform changes debated on Saturday, was also intended to congratulate the other members of the Utah congressional delegation for their support for the former president.

Others have warned that supporting censorship risks defining the party around Trump instead of the conservative tenets most delegates cherish.

“If the point of all of this is to let Mitt Romney know that we’re unhappy with him, trust me, he knows that,” Salt Lake County Delegate Emily de Azavedo Brown said. “Let’s not turn this into a Trump or no Trump thing. Are we a party of principle or a party of one person? “

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