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attacked by bullets, money conveyors escape a robbery at the last minute – RT in French

Two CIT couriers were the target of a violent armed attack while driving on a highway near Pretoria, South Africa. The vehicle’s cabin camera recorded this attack, which went viral.

On April 22, two cash couriers were victims of a violent robbery attempt. The assailants targeted the vehicle, firing numerous shots to stop the van. Video of the assault, captured by the vehicle’s cabin security camera, was uploaded a week later on April 30.

The two CIT couriers were traveling on the N1 / N4 motorway, near Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. While the conveyors have their eyes riveted on the road, gunshots erupt and bullet holes appear on the armored glass. Quickly realizing the situation, the driver keeps his cool and begins a series of zigzags on the highway in order to escape the criminals. The second employee, who seems much more panicked, grabs a gun before contacting one of their colleagues.

After a U-turn, quick acceleration and more shots, the driver gets a good head start and decides to stop the vehicle on the road, before driving off. come out, gun in hand.

If the video ends here, a police spokesperson quoted by the South African newspaper Sunday Times specified that the thugs had “fled without taking any money”. The same source also clarified: “No arrests have yet been made.”

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