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Athletics’ Sergio Romo drops his pants during substance control

MLB pitchers are not in favor of the league’s new foreign substance rules.

Track and field pitcher Sergio Romo looked particularly annoyed that the referees performed a substance check on him on Tuesday night.

After working a seventh one-run inning for Oakland, the umpire waved Romo over for control. Romo responded to the moment by throwing his hat and glove to the ground and removing his belt.

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Then came Romo’s last act. He pulled his pants down halfway to prove that they did not contain any illegal substances.

Romo certainly made his point, but Dan Iassogna, the referee who checked him, didn’t seem too bothered by his high jinks. In fact, the referee smiled at Romo, who the show described as “heated.”

Romo wasn’t the only one bothered by substance control on Tuesday. Max Scherzer was tested for foreign substances three times in the first four innings of the Nationals-Phillies game and became increasingly irritable with each test. He directed his rage against Phillies manager Joe Girardi, who was later sent off for biting Scherzer. The checks didn’t seem to confuse Cy Young’s three-time winner too much; he took the win by pitching five innings while allowing only one run and striking out eight.

Needless to say, these antics will be quite common as MLB tries to implement these rule changes on the fly.

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