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Athletics.  Alexandra Tavernier: “I will be stronger in 2021 than in 2020” – Athletics

French Throwing Championships in Salon-de-Provence, Sunday

Alexandra Tavernier, you start your winter season on Sunday at the French championships in Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). What shape are you in and what is your goal?

It’s okay. I trained well here in Ploumilliau (22). Good performances have been made and I have good benchmarks for the coming season. I prepared with my sparring partner who is my little brother (Hugo). This is all pretty positive. At Salon-de-Provence, I don’t focus on a performance. The goal is to throw well, to throw far.

On September 16 in Kladno (Czech Republic), you carried your French record beyond 75 m (75.23 m). That day, you said you had started badly …

Yes, technically there is much, much better to do. There are many more beautiful things that can be done in the future.

After the French championship, what will be your winter program?

There was a European Throwing Cup in Leiria, Portugal scheduled for March 13-14, but it was postponed. Will it take place? We know absolutely nothing. I think that it is badly started and that we will have only the championships of France this winter.

How do you cope with this health crisis and the uncertainty of the competition schedule?

I am not more disturbed than that. I continue to work. I have the opportunity and the chance to be able to train optimally. I have nothing to complain about because, here in Ploumilliau, I have a structure where everything is going well. I have everything I need to prepare for the next deadlines.

How did you experience the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics from 2020 to 2021?

I was obviously disappointed, but time is an athlete’s best friend. We were given an extra year to train. Well, I will be stronger, I will be better for the beautiful deadlines to come.

How do you see these 2021 Olympic Games?

Today, I’m training, I’m going to a training course, the performances are nice, everything is fine. For now, it is very comfortable for me because I have already qualified for the Games.

The Games could take place behind closed doors. Does this worry you?

If that happens, it will be the same for everyone. We know that going in camera is a possibility. A health protocol has already been written. You have to stay positive because if you become negative, you lose centimeters and that’s not how you move forward. It is possible that we do not launch in front of a large audience. It is also possible that the Games will not take place at all. Now, it is the one who will be the most in shape and who will have taken the most distance with all this who will climb on the podium.

So you manage to adapt to this very special second season …

Yes. Last season was the best example. I beat my French record twice (74.94 m in Lyon, July 11, 2020; and 75.23 m, September 16 in Kladno, Czech Republic). I showed that I was at the level of the girls I fight with all year round. Even without a big deadline, I have shown that we can move forward. When I hear people complaining that there are not many competitions, I tell them: do them! We are lucky to be able to have some. You have to take whatever you can take. It is not by complaining that we will change anything. I decided to tell myself that the season is as it is. I did 75.23m with two throws over 75m (the second at 75.12m) in the contest, I believe there is no better explanation to give.

You have been living in Brittany since 2016. Have you got used to the climate?

Yes… As a Savoyard, the dry cold, I know. On the other hand, the humid cold that we have experienced lately is much more restrictive.

Since August 11, 2018, Alexandra Tavernier has broken the French hammer throw record four times (75.23 m). The athlete trained by Costarmorican Gilles Dupray won bronze at the 2015 Worlds in Beijing and silver at the 2018 European Championships in Berlin.

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