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At the heart of the Brézillet vaccinodrome, the largest in Brittany – Saint-Brieuc

It is almost 5:30 p.m. and the center will close soon. Outside hall number 3 of the Brézillet exhibition center, in Ploufragan, there are still a few waiting. The large-scale vaccination center just opened this Monday, April 19. It takes over from the Robien center which closed on Saturday April 17. In three months, in Robien, 29,000 injections were recorded.

All the doses are prepared upstream by the Yves-Le Foll hospital center. On site, five nurses must distribute them to their colleagues in charge of vaccination. (The Telegram / Laurent Marc)

Here, in Brézillet, in the heart of a vaccinodrome, the care of eligible people will inevitably be more important. If initially 7,500 weekly vaccinations will be carried out, in the long term, this capacity should be doubled. Especially when the firefighters of the Côtes-d’Armor Fire and Rescue Service will be redeployed from Pleumeur-Bodou to Brézillet within a few weeks.

At the head of this XXL center, Valérie Moysan, director of Cap Santé and Anne Le Rohellec, health manager at the Saint-Brieuc hospital center. The pair is used to it. He was already in charge at Robien. Except that everything is bigger here. “We need to give this place a little warmth”. The actors are the same and the support is well established.

At the heart of the Brézillet vaccinodrome, the largest in Brittany – Saint-Brieuc
After having completed the cloud formalities, each person is taken care of by one of the four doctors before, in the wake of being vaccinated by a nurse. (The Telegram / Laurent Marc)

“People, but it’s going fast”

Sylvie, a 55-year-old Briochine, like Marc, a 67-year-old Plérinais, are waiting their turn. After taking a temperature at the entrance and the usual formalities cleared, one of the four doctors will receive them. “The pace is steady,” says Valérie Moysan.

Sylvie did find that the line outside was a bit long, “but once inside, it seems to go quickly”. For her, it’s a first injection. She therefore does not meet those who are going to be bitten for the second time. Marc is also a little surprised: “I didn’t expect there to be so many people, but in the end it’s fast”.

At the heart of the Brézillet vaccinodrome, the largest in Brittany – Saint-Brieuc
After passing in front of one of the doctors, a nurse takes care of the vaccination. Between two people, there is no lack of administration. The days are very dense. (The Telegram / Laurent Marc)

30 minutes flat

Sylvie like Marc will therefore follow a step forward. Interview with a doctor, then taken in charge by one of the ten nurses mobilized to prick. Then, a new wait before passing into the hands of the staff made available by the agglomeration or the city of Ploufragan. This is the registration area. Everything is logged in the Vaccine covid software. “We certify that the person has received the first dose and / or the second injection,” explains Valérie Moysan.

Finally, for fifteen minutes, they must wait to see if everything is going well. Two nurses are there just in case. 30 minutes after entering the lobby, they can resume a normal life.


As with other vaccination centers, it is mandatory to take an online appointment.

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