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At the Briec slaughterhouse, “serious non-conformities could never be observed in the presence of inspectors”, according to the Prefecture – Quimper

Tuesday, at 11:55 p.m., the Prefecture of Finistère announced that it had become aware of the video of L 214 which “calls into question the conditions for killing cull pigs in the SBA slaughterhouse in Briec. It shows unacceptable practices with serious breaches of animal protection rules. The elements were transmitted to the public prosecutor ”.

“Inaccurate statement”

But the Prefect disagrees with the information from L 214 according to which no action had been taken on the anomalies noted following an inspection report from the veterinary services of the DDPP of Finistère dated April 21, 2016. “This statement is inaccurate, ”says the Prefecture.

And to list: “Each animal is in fact the subject of a detailed post-mortem inspection in accordance with regulatory provisions in order to guarantee the wholesomeness of the meat placed on the market. The conditions of unloading, stabling, supply, restraint, stunning are not subject to permanent inspection by law. Spot daily checks are carried out at these stations and in particular at the stunning and bleeding stations. In addition, each year, the official veterinary inspection service carries out inspections according to the program defined at national level ”. In essence, according to the Prefecture: “The non-conformities noted since 2016, all minor, have been the subject of regulatory reminders to the company for the implementation of corrective actions”.

“Anomaly rate of less than 1%” during checks

And to return the responsibility to the Briécoise abattage company (SBA): “Compliance with animal protection requirements is the responsibility of the slaughterer”. For the Prefect, “the serious non-conformities seen in the video could never be observed in the presence of the inspectors. They would have resulted in immediate administrative and penal sanctions ”.

In support of its statements, the prefecture indicates that in 2020, “the veterinary service checked a sample of 8,082 animals over more than 100 hours in order to verify compliance with animal protection rules with an anomalies rate of less than 1%. The evaluation of the SBA slaughterhouse, carried out by the inspection service on the basis of the findings and verifications carried out during the annual and daily inspections, has been established at an acceptable level of control for several years ”.

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