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Asylum requests and Covid-19: the European Union in charge

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Migration remains a thorny subject for Europe but the Covid-19 pandemic has blocked mobility, and migration routes and practices have changed: the pressure is receding on Greece and in the Mediterranean and is transferred to Spain and the Balkans. Illegal arrivals without a residence permit fell by 13% in 2020 among the 27, and asylum applications fell by a third, the lowest level since 2013. But spectacular and tragic shipwrecks in the Mediterranean continue and Europeans are accused of intensifying illegal push-backs at the borders.

The new migration pact presented by the Commission is still not sealed, with gaping fractures in the care of asylum seekers between the Eastern bloc and the countries on the front line.

Program prepared by Isabelle Romero, Perrine Desplats, Mathilde Bénézet and Céline Schmitt. In partnership with the European Parliament.

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