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AstraZeneca: this Brest nurse who wanted to bite but cannot – Coronavirus


is a private nurse based near Brest. Not long ago, a pharmacist offered him vials of AstraZeneca so that he could take a bite. “I took four. One per nurse in the group, ”she rewinds. But when it comes time to vaccinate his patient usually, problem. “They were all already vaccinated, except one.”

So Mathilde takes the problem the other way around. Since it has doses, we might as well share it with anyone. She knows the rules. “At over 55, I sting like that. But at less than 55 years old, I ask for a written record drawn up by a doctor authorizing me to do so. And Mathilde also knows the constraints. “Each vial contains 10 or 11 doses. If I open it, I have 6 hours at room temperature or 48 hours in the fridge to finish it ”. In the shortage advanced here and there, must not spoil.

Quickly, however, the nurse sees the reef rise like an iceberg in front of the Titanic. Not only does she not have the right to advertise her gesture, but in addition, many doctors in the city refuse to sign the agreement for the youngest. By that mean the under 55s.

In Finistère, the departmental order of doctors confirms: it recommends its members to refuse to sign the discharge. “We simply respect the national directives of the High Authority of Health and the opinion of the National Order of Physicians”. Remember that this age barrier was put in place following the rise in cases of thrombosis, French scientists concluding that there is an “increased risk” in those under 55 years of age.

Astra and nothing else

Suddenly, Mathilde struggles. She received an email telling her that the vaccination was open for adults suffering from comorbidities. But only “with Pfizer or Moderna”. But in town, “nurses, veterinarians and many doctors” have only AstraZeneca. “Pfizer is for hospitals”. As well as the vaccination centers. It would almost make her smile if the situation weren’t so gruesome.

She who ends up with flasks intact, despite some doctors who go against the recommendation of the Order. “They believe, in what I have read, that the cases of thrombosis are much higher in the event of covid-19” and advocate the vaccine.

In Mathilde’s fridge, there are three bottles intact, two weeks after the first delivery. “If I don’t open them, I can keep them for a long time,” she knows. And by word of mouth, she hopes to be able to continue to vaccinate “in the ambient mess”. For his part, Olivier Véran has just requested the high authority to leave free will to people, against a discharge. But for now, the academy seems reluctant. And the doses are piling up …

The first name has been changed.

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