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Assassination of Vincent Calvez: a long-prepared ambush – Brittany

During this summer 2018, death lurked around Vincent Calvez. A few weeks before his assassination, Olivier Coudray, the alleged shooter, and Yves Brassier, the driver, had scaffolded the idea, before giving up, to kill him when he left his bakery in Quimper. They also went near his home, a lost farmhouse, in Plonévez-du-Faou. They had spotted its surroundings many times. But Olivier Coudray had stumbled, to the point of waking the only neighbor of the hamlet. They had fled.

Foolproof hate

On August 23, 2018, Olivier Coudray this time took a safe position behind the well, a stone’s throw from the farmhouse. Originally from Plédran, in the Côtes d’Armor, this 41-year-old craftsman, fan of Harley, rubbed shoulders with a sulphurous gang of Hell’s Angels who briefly settled in Saint-Brieuc. With his aura of tough guy, he would have agreed, for 7,500 €, to be the henchman of the couple composed of Fabienne Méhens and Yves Brassier. Both are now 50 years old. The first is the ex-wife of Vincent Calvez. The divorce proceedings are in progress. She devotes an unfailing hatred to him. Yves Brassier, craftsman Ploufraganais (22), colleague of Olivier Coudray, has been his spouse for two years. He is showered with his diatribes against Vincent Calvez and took up the cause for her.

Two bullets in the head

Olivier Coudray sees the lights in the farmhouse come on around midnight. Like every evening, Vincent Calvez, 47, and Marie Goussens must join their bakery and pastry shop in Quimper. At around 12:20 a.m., Vincent Calvez opens the door. Olivier Coudray, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, comes out of his hideout. He fires a cartridge which tears off the pastry chef’s right forearm. Vincent Calvez falls back. Marie Goussens rushes to him. Olivier Coudray pushes open the door and shoots point blank with a 6.35 mm caliber pistol. Two bullets in the head of Vincent Calvez. A bullet in the head and another in the left arm of Marie Goussens. She collapses. Miraculously, she survives. Shortly after, she regains consciousness, alerts the firefighters but for her companion, it is too late.

Regularly relaunched to take action

Alongside Marie Goussens, Vincent Calvez had led a tidy life for two years, devoted to his work and to the renovation of his house in Plonévez-du-Faou. He hoped to sell it to truly end the sequence of his affair with Fabienne Méhens. Because he was struggling to repay their debts, which he had been dragging since the liquidation, in 2013, of their company “Calvez Cover”. Fabienne Méhens also demanded reimbursement of € 50,000 and a life annuity. When the gendarmes brought down the trio in November 2018, Olivier Coudray would have explained that he was regularly relaunched by Fabienne Méhens and Yves Brassier, so that he takes action before the divorce is pronounced, so as to inherit the house of Plonévez. Yves Brassier would have ended up confessing. Fabienne Méhens would have retracted. All three will be judged from January 25 to February 1. They incur life imprisonment.

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