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Assa Traoré’s partnership with Louboutin is controversial – RT en français

The campaign “for equality and justice for all”, supposed to finance the fight against racism by associating the activist and the luxury shoemaker, is the subject of strong reactions. Some shout “hypocrisy”, others “class contempt”.

The partnership of Assa Traoré with the famous French shoemaker Louboutin is the subject of criticism from a number of personalities denouncing among other things “hypocrisy”, according to them, of the anti-racist activist. This collaboration between Adama’s sister and Bagui Traoré and the luxury brand aims to finance associations “fighting against police violence, racism, discrimination”, as the supporters of Assa Traoré emphasize.

In a press release published on the evening of June 17, Louboutin however specified that he did not consider Assa Traoré as the “muse” of the brand. “With all due respect to these people, we did not consider any of them to be a ‘muse’. The countryside Walk a Mile in My Shoes has no other faces than those of its three creators ”, explained the famous shoemaker.

“The BLM business”?

The magistrate Philippe Bilger denounced a “shameful partnership”. “When we prefer a deleterious provocation and a more than doubtful fight to republican normality and peace!” He lamented.

“If you have the feeling that Assa Traoré is a little bit hypocritical to raise his fist while showing off his luxury pumps, then read Benjamin Sire,” said essayist Raphaël Enthoven, sharing an article in FigaroVox denouncing ” the juicy business of the fight against discrimination ”.

“When Assa Traoré treads the truth of the facts, it is now with Louboutins on his feet,” quipped the essayist and literary critic Eric Naulleau.

“The famous ‘violence of the capitalist system’ eh! […] The BLM business soon on the stock market! ”Laughed columnist Zohra Bitan.

The political journalist Lucas Jakubowicz estimated that if it is “impossible to blame Assa Traoré for taking the light”, this partnership is “ridiculous and unwelcome” on the part of Louboutin. “Adama Traoré is not a George Floyd bis”, he concludes.

“Can one imagine Angela Davis in Louboutin?” As for him, asked the journalist Nicolas Bazin, referring to the American communist activist defending the rights of minorities.

Former MEP and Patriots President Florian Philippot said “systemic racism ends where a pair of Louboutins begin”. “The deception nicely unmasked!” He said.

The senior official ex-member of the National Rally (RN) Jean Messiha spoke about the situation with these words: “The people and the scum. The shoemaker of billionaires Louboutin has joined forces in a partnership with the anti-cop and anti-French indigenousist Assa Traoré. All that’s missing is Macron to give his blessing to the union of these felons. “

“Anti-racism and the fight against inequalities: what a shameful cinema for such a noble cause! Assa Traoré, partner of the brand, raises a parody fist and puts on chic Louboutin. What contemptuous pomp and circumstance for all the poor! ”Exclaimed MEP RN Gilbert Collard.

Of “class contempt”, according to its supporters

On the other hand, activist Rokhaya Diallo defended Assa Traoré, claiming that the attacks against her were “class contempt”. “For many it is unbearable that a woman from working-class neighborhoods is associated with luxury,” she analyzed, before concluding: “Force Assa who has the audacity to campaign without adopting a miserable posture.”

For journalist Anthony Vincent, “what this Louboutin controversy reveals is the difficulty in understanding that racism concerns all social classes, since it is systemic violence”.

Journalist Aude Lancelin for her part denounced a “tireless slander” and considered that “minimum honesty” required to stress that 100% of the funds would go to the fight against police violence and racism.

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