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Assa Traoré sentenced on appeal for “infringing the presumption of innocence” – RT in French

A judgment handed down by the Court of Appeal condemns Assa Traoré for “violating the presumption of innocence” after accusing three gendarmes on Facebook of having “killed” his brother, Adama Traoré. He died in 2016 in Beaumont-sur-Oise.

According to Marianne and Current values, the activist Assa Traoré was sentenced on February 26 by the Court of Appeal for “infringing the presumption of innocence” after having publicly accused the three gendarmes (on the social network Facebook) who had arrested her brother, of having caused the death of Adama Traoré in July 2016.

While an investigation was underway to elucidate all the circumstances of the tragedy, the activist split, between September 19 and November 19, 2019, five publications on the page “The truth for Adama”, to accuse these three gendarmes, and designate them by name as being responsible for the death of his brother. Of these five publications, the Court of Appeal decided to retain two, each written in the first person singular. In a first publication, Assa Traoré claims that his brother Adama was “left for dead”. In the other, she accuses the gendarmes of having “killed” her. For the three other publications which castigated the attitude of the gendarmes, the court could not establish with certainty that Assa Traoré was indeed the author.

As reported Marianne, following this court decision, the activist is therefore ordered to pay the total sum of 4,000 euros to the three gendarmes, to remove the two targeted publications and to include for 15 days on this Facebook page the mention of this decision of justice. Without any action on his part, each day of delay will cost him an additional 100 euros.

The gendarmes sentenced at first instance

Following these publications, the three gendarmes had decided to file a complaint against Assa Traoré. At first instance, justice had ruled in favor of Assa Traoré since the gendarmes had been ordered to pay 2,000 euros for abusive proceedings following their legal action. They had finally decided to appeal.

The judicial information, which always seeks to know precisely what were the circumstances and the responsibilities as for the death of the young man, is still in progress with expertises and counter-expertises which follow one another. On February 8, however, a final judicial expertise concluded that the death of Adama Traoré had been caused by a “heat stroke”, “aggravated” by the immobilization and handcuffing maneuvers of the gendarmes and, to a “lesser extent », By his medical history.

Known to the police, Adama Traoré was arrested on July 19 in Beaumont-sur-Oise (Oise). The man had died of asphyxia syndrome while the three gendarmes had recognized that the young man had “taken the weight of [leurs] three bodies at the time of his arrest ”.

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