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Asia’s “godfather” of drugs, Tse Chi Lop, arrested in Amsterdam

End of the run for the “boss”: one of the most wanted drug traffickers in the world was arrested on Friday January 22 at Amsterdam airport. Tse Chi Lop, 56, was preparing to embark for Canada, of which this native of the province of Canton has the nationality.

The baron of “meth” (methamphetamine, one of the best-selling synthetic drugs in Western countries) was wanted by Interpol at the request of Australia, a country believed to be Sam Gor, name of the organization of the enigmatic Mr. Tse, one of the main targets of drug sales in the Asia-Pacific region: in the Big Island alone, the “Company”, another nickname of the same organization, would rake in annual profits of around 18 billion dollars (nearly 15 billion euros) …

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Often compared in the press to El Chapo, the famous Mexican narco, the personality of Tse Chi Lop however differs in everything from that of his Latin American “colleague”: the Sino-Canadian is a discreet man, who divided his time between Taiwan , Hongkong and sometimes Thailand. He was never seen in the “Golden Triangle”, a region of clandestine synthetic drug laboratories located on the Burmese, Thai and Laotian borders, which was however the central place of production and purchases of the “Company”.

Eight years in prison in the United States

The one his entourage nicknamed “Brother number 3” is linked to the Hong Kong triads and had been able to escape all police after serving an eight-year prison sentence in the United States, for drug trafficking: released in 2008, he disappeared then radars even if the anti-drug agencies will end, over the years, to put together the pieces of a complex puzzle from which emerges the halftone image of a mysterious and powerful “boss”.

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Some experts sometimes doubted its existence or relativized its importance in the galaxy of Asian mafias. In Bangkok, the representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Jeremy Douglas, confided in summer 2020 to World that if Tse Chi Lop “Is perhaps not the head of the only mafia organization producing and trafficking synthetic drugs made in Myanmar [nom actuel de la Birmanie], he is certainly the leader of the greatest of them “.

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