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Ashley Solis becomes first woman to publicly accuse Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and harassment

Ashley Solis is the first woman to publicly accuse Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and harassment.

Speaking at a press conference alongside lawyer Tony Buzbee, Solis, a massage therapist, said his decision to speak out publicly was to “take back power and take back control.”

“I am an assault and harassment survivor,” Solis said. “Deshaun Watson is my abuser and my stalker. Deshaun Watson assaulted and harassed me on March 30, 2020, at my home, doing what I love most: massage therapy. ”

I can no longer do the job I love the most without shaking during the session. My hands shake every time I place them on a client and I have to cut the session short. If only he knew how heartbreaking this is. I got into massage therapy to heal people – to heal their minds and their bodies. To bring peace to their souls. Deshaun Watson stole this from me. He took that away from me, he tainted a profession of which I am extremely proud. Flashes of Watson’s face rush at me in the moment. I think of his cock touching me, which makes my head spin. I suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and depression. I am in counseling following the actions of Deshaun Watson. I hope he knows how much pain he has inflicted on me emotionally and physically. I hope he knows how much pain he inflicted on those other survivors.

Watson has been charged with sexual assault and harassment to varying degrees since mid-March, with 22 women involved in various civil cases against him, all alleging some form of sexual assault or harassment. All the women are represented by Buzbee.

Buzbee said Solis made a statement to Houston Police.

The Houston Police Department opened an investigation after a complaint was filed against Watson on April 5. The NFL is investigating Watson under its personal conduct policy.

“People say I do this just for the money,” Solis said. “That is not true. I am now running so that Deshaun Watson does not assault another woman.”

You can see the full press conference below:

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