As India-Canada relations hit rock bottom, here’s a look at the deep ties between the two nations

Canada has one of the largest Indian diasporas in the world. People of Indian origin represent 3 percent of Canada’s population. The country has 1.6 million inhabitants of Indian origin and more than 700,000 NRIs.

Recently, Canada postponed a trade mission to India that was scheduled to visit in October. Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal has already confirmed that trade talks between India and Canada have been suspended due to increasing pro-Khalistan activities and the Canadian government’s sympathy towards Khalistan militants.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also conveyed a strong message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that such acts had an impact on bilateral relations.

In addition to strong people-to-people ties, the two nations enjoy deep economic ties. Canadian pension funds have invested a total of more than US$55 billion in India.

Canada’s Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has invested over $3 billion in India and recently said India is one of the key markets the fund is focusing on to reach $300 billion dollars of net assets. In 2022, Ontario Techers invested in National Highways Infra Trust, Mahindra Susten and Sahyadri hospitals.

In 2022, bilateral merchandise trade stood at $10.5 billion, with India exporting goods worth $6.40 billion and importing goods worth $4.10 billion. Bilateral trade in services in 2021 stood at $5.88 billion.

More than 600 Canadian companies have a presence in India and more than 1,000 companies are actively doing business in the Indian market, according to the Indian Embassy.


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