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As Biden prepares to take office, Trump attorneys seek help from judge in combating tax filing

But the new administration, which is set to take over on Wednesday with Biden’s swearing-in, may simply hand the returns over to Congressional Democrats without Trump even knowing.

“All of this raises the possibility that a renewed request from the committee could be granted without notifying the intervening defendants or having the opportunity to be heard on their legal objections,” Trump’s lawyers say.

They addressed the idea that the next administration would give them a warning if Democrats continue to ask for the deposits so they have an opportunity to challenge this in court.

This is something Trump won in a separate court battle over a New York state law giving Democrats in Congress access to Trump’s statements. Although House Democrats have shown little interest in the law, a federal judge agreed Trump should have a chance to fight such a request if lawmakers change their mind.

“A status conference would determine if and how this case should unfold,” says the file.

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