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As automakers pledge to go all-electric in the coming years, designs get more stylish – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

by Doug Dunbar | CBS 11

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – On a recent sunny Saturday, a local auto show was very busy.

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Almost two dozen cars, and not a single one needed a drop of gas.


They all drove fully electric vehicles. Just a battery powered motor to push them on the road.

We’ve talked to quite a few people who are all-in with electric cars, and one thing they absolutely love is instant power.

Lloyd McMaster has owned Tesla for a few years now, and for him it’s not just the style, but the power behind the look.

He told me that when you wanted to go, you hit that pedal and you “really go!”

Hold on to the crowd of electric vehicles and you’ll find an energy that is triggering perhaps the greatest transformation the auto industry has ever seen.

Dashboards are often quite dazzling, as is the amount of money a homeowner could save.

One owner told me he could drive a thousand kilometers, which equates to about four dollars worth of electricity.

Buzz Smith of Fort Worth, who describes himself as the angelist of electric vehicles, is a former oil and gas man who fell into the electric revolution almost ten years ago.

He also sold cars for a living, and he says that when it comes to maintenance it’s a whole new world. In all-electric vehicles, there is no oil change, no spark plugs, no transmission fluid. I’m told the brakes will essentially last forever.

Cheaper to operate and an eye for the environment really started with Toyota’s less appealing Prius Hybrid in 1997.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people weren’t thrilled with how it looked, but it was a popular car that took us into the future.

However, about three years after the Prius, Elon Musk and Tesla opened up the electricity market when it comes to battery looks and technology.

This great car, and the ones that succeeded Tesla, came at a considerable price, and that’s where Nissan stepped in to help complete an affordable side of all-electric.

They brought the Leaf to the market, and shortly thereafter, Chevy was there with the Bolt. Both are still selling well today.

So many people are wondering about recharging. The basics?

You can charge at home in the same outlet you use for your cell phone.

This charge will save you about four miles per hour on the batteries.

Install a 220 outlet like the one you would use for your clothes dryer, then you can charge your vehicle at home four times faster.

As for charging stations across the country, Tesla owner Lloyd McMaster told me that their Tesla essentially maps where they will need to stop to refuel, on the same map. that they use to navigate where they go. He says there is no fear of going cross country.

For manufacturers, the only fear now is to fall behind in the 100% electric revolution.

The list is incredible, of manufacturers in the process of deployment or already in the market.

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Cadillac will launch the elegant all-electric Lyriq next year.

Volvo has the xc 40 and the promise to be 100% electric or hybrid by 2025.

Jaguar is already selling the i-pace.

Volkswagen has Id4 and an ambitious all-electric goal by 2026!

Kia is all electric with Niro.

Hyundai, has the Kona.

Audi will soon have its E-Tron.

Honda’s electric “clarity” is on the market, along with their just-announced promise to be fully electric by 2040.

Mercedes has just unveiled its first all-electric. the * EQS * is coming to dealerships later this year.

And Ford has established itself in the electric vehicle market, with its Mustang Mach E.

If you take an electric vehicle for a test drive, regardless of the price, you will immediately notice two things.

The first thing is silence. Quietest thing you’ve ever driven. Second, the insane acceleration.

I drove the Ford Mustang Mach E for a few days, and the acceleration was unlike anything I had experienced before.

Mustang Mach E (CBS 11)

It was my first time driving an all-electric vehicle.

The reason for this incredible acceleration, Buzz Smith told me, is the fact that the electric motor instantly delivers 100% torque to the wheels. There is no lag.

GM has promised to go all-electric by 2035. A huge promise and commitment. Their new truck is months away from arriving on the market.

They will come out with the Hummer pickup and Buzz says this truck will accelerate from zero to 60 mph, in just 3 seconds!

But beware of the hugely popular Ford F-150. They have a fully electric F-150 that will go into its showrooms next year.

But other trucks soon compete in the electric vehicle market.

Rivian is aiming to release his r1t truck this summer.

And Lordstown, Ohio, plans to bring its endurance truck to market soon.

The Tesla Cybertruck is on its way, as are the very tactical-looking Bollinger B1 and B2.

Buzz has a feeling that the tidal wave of battery cars invading the roads is building as we speak, but he believes that once EV trucks hit the market, sales of some of the fastest growing vehicles. popular that we drive in America could rock the industry forever.

Based on this story, the federal government is offering a tax credit of $ 7,500 for the purchase of an all-electric vehicle.

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The state of Texas also has a rebate program, but is not currently accepting any new applications.


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